Christian Aid is a UK based charity which aims to eradicate global poverty through various endeavours, including fundraising, advocacy and supporting the implementation of humanitarian programs and relief efforts.

In the wake of the recent devastation that hit Nepal, Christian Aid Collective has been working to provide direct assistance to more than 6.6 million people who have been affected by the earthquake. After such a disaster, most of the information we receive about the aftermath is passed on to us by the media, but rarely do we witness the story from those who are living with the consequences.

Local Measure has collaborated with Christian Aid Collective to give a voice to the people who are living through the aftermath. Using geotagged social media posts made by those in Nepal, Christian Aid Collective has been able to create a live stream of photos and posts by those at the epicentre on their website.

Sharing the stories of locals, relief workers and volunteers helps to paint a picture of the full extent of the damage and the daily struggle that must be overcome. Seeing the aftermath through the eyes of those in Nepal not only gives others an idea of what’s being done to provide relief, but what could be done to further help.

With Local Measure, Christian Aid Collective has been able to deliver the stories of those directly affected by the earthquake to the rest of the world. From stories of survival to heartbreaking images of the aftermath, we’ve helped give the people a voice as they begin to rebuild their lives.