Think of the last time you wanted to ask a brand a question or give feedback. Did you call, write, or attempt to speak in person? Most people these days would say they used social media. This begs the question, why are so many brands still focused only on publishing their own content, rather than having two-way dialogues?

The research we’ve discovered in the infographic below speaks volumes about customer expectations when it comes to conversing on social media and the impact that has on a brand’s reputation. Some of the most notable statistics include:

  • People spend 3-20% more when they get a response to their queries on social media
  • People prefer using social media over email, phone and web chat when it comes to customer support
  • 65% of people have more brand loyalty if a brand reaches out on social media
  • 56% of consumers have higher expectations now than they did in 2015 when it comes to customer service on social media.

See the infographic below from Websitebuilder to understand the full impact of social media when it comes to customer care.