Continuing with our ‘Social Media for Business’ blogs, we have put together a list of Do’s and Dont’s for Businesses on Twitter. It will hopefully help SMB’s on Twitter to establish a consistent voice and avoid the cultivation of bad habits that seem to be proliferating on the site. So check out the tips below and let us know what you think.


  • Make your tweets short and sweet — Twitter is a short-form comment system – thus, long-winded and continued (…) posts shouldn’t really be there. Keeping a tweet short also leaves room for people to write a comment when they re-tweet you!
  • Ask, Listen and Respond timely — You don’t need to be readily poised over your keyboard, but if you’re asked a question or having a conversation, try respond in good time. Remember, this is an instantaneous communication platform.
  • Share humanized things — People like to follow a business that is relaxed and relatable. You could do this with casual tweets about you/members of your team, pictures behind the scenes etc.
  • Include #hashtags and @tags — Make it easy for your tweet to be searchable in the Twittersphere – and let people know when you’re talking about/to them.
  • Give credit where it’s due — This isn’t a new concept, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it on Twitter. Plagiarism is still frowned upon, no matter if it’s in a Tweet or article.


  • Link your Twitter and your Facebook updates — They function as completely different platforms which don’t translate very well from one to the other, with a variety of different rules for sharing. Plus, it portrays laziness.
  • Use text speak — Sure, you can abbreviate, but it’s really just “nt cool jst to tlk lyk dis on twttr”. Save that for texting someone you know, that isn’t going to unfollow you for your tweet’s lack of spelling and punctuation. 
  • Use Auto Direct Messages — Referred to in many discussions (we weighed in on this one on G+) as highly impersonal and intrusive. Either try go that little bit further for your customers, or don’t DM them.
  • Spam and use irrelevant hashtags — It’s simple really, if you constantly annoy people with spam and irrelevant hash tags, they will unfollow and even block you.
  • Just talk work jargon — Most tweeps won’t follow a business which only tweets industry jargon that only a small percentage of people actually understand.
Just try to be creative, open and honest… And try have some fun.