Is there a gym junkie in your life? A yoga guru? A mindfulness practitioner? A health food fanatic? Chances are there is. And chances are, many of your customers tick these boxes too. With the wellness movement growing from strength to strength over the last few years, there have never been more products and services available to delight health-conscious individuals.

We’ve rounded up our favourite picks for wellness gifts this year that will undoubtedly delight your friend, family member, or customers.

Healthy Food Subscription

There’s now a subscription service for just about everything you can think of, as consumers find that time is something they have less of and delivery ordering becomes more and more convenient. While meal-kit options abound in most markets, Daily Harvest caters to the wellness niche, delivering ‘super foods, super fast.’

Essential Oil Diffuser

Who doesn’t want better sleep, or to ward off illness or to feel more relaxed? These are just a few things in the long list of health benefits that essential oil diffusers promise to help with. The NOW Solutions Ultrasonic Diffuser uses ultrasonic vibrations for diffusion instead of heat, which can have a negative effect on essential oils.

Luxurious Health Snacks

Looking for a truly novel gift or amenity? Go with something equally delicious, unique and healthful. Sakara’s Clean Boutique have a range of beautifully packaged foods, not commonly available. Add chocolate probiotics, watermelon jerky or chia tortillas to your list.

Skin Soothing Treatments

The natural beauty movement is thriving. There is growing awareness of the harmfulness of certain chemicals used in mainstream beauty products, leading to the development of innovate products that look and feel great, while ticking the ‘purity’ box. Natural sunscreens are one of the best anti-ageing products available.

Rebounder Trampoline

The problem with most exercise equipment is that it’s too bulky to fit in a bedroom. Rebounder trampolines on the other hand, are easy to slide under a bed and represent a mini fitness craze due to studies that link rebounding to improved immune function, muscle tone and lymphatic drainage. Bellicon offer trampolines ‘as unique as you are.’

Glass Water Bottle

Plastic water bottles are quickly becoming one of the most stigmatized products of our century. They’re bad for the environment, bad for our health, sold at huge markups, and are totally unnecessary considering the free availability of drinking water in developed cities. Soma has made lugging around your tap water into a beautiful style statement that’s also safe from toxic chemicals.

Fitness Tracker

Help someone stick to their new year’s resolutions with a fitness tracker. Wearable technology represents one of the year’s top fitness trends and is useful for people at any activity level, and engaged in any kind of sport – even swimming. Fitbit continues to make sleeker, more aesthetic models.


Haven’t heard of adaptogens yet? They are quite simply ingredients that help our body adapt to the stress caused by our environment. Immune boosting adaptogens include ginseng, holy basil and reishi mushrooms. Four Sigmatic offer the ultimate reishi gift pack.

Wellness Journal

Journaling is often recommended for mental health and it’s also a tried and true way of tracking health and fitness goals. A dedicated wellness journal can tie together all the reference material you need to stay on track and a pretty cover can only help to motivate.

Designer Leggings

When all you want to do is wear leggings all day (whether or not you’re actually working out) they might as well be fashionable ones. Athleisure wear is another trend that tops the list for 2018 as people continue to choose clothes that suit their active lifestyle.


Wonder what happens when wellness consumerism meets luxury meets beauty? The answer is in sleek amber jars containing different types of dust that claim to combat the effects of stress, expand beauty and fuel entrepreneurial feats.

Wellness Oil

Stress is one of the greatest enemies of wellness in the modern world. But how can we restore a feeling of calm, short of uprooting our lives and moving off-grid? Essential oils, used in massage, can be a step towards reducing the stress caused by a busy lifestyle.

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