What do you get when you throw together a sales team, some engineers and pasta into a room together?

A Local Measure team building experience.

Last week, our team at Local Measure made the arduous climb up Riley St to one of Sydney’s most acclaimed Italian restaurants, Pasta Emilia, for a tasty team bonding exercise.

And when we say that, we mean literally – there was delicious pasta, lots of discussion from product development to the best way of attaching mobile wifi to caravans, and of course the intense physical exercise that comes from walking up steep inclines.

After the long trek uphill and half our team going MIA in the streets of Surry Hills, we were all reunited in the cosy little store, ready to put our pasta making skills to the test.

It was a lesson in patience, perseverance, and for some of us, following directions, as we set about making the perfect ravioli (some more successfully than others).

Friendly rivalries developed and things got intensely creative as we discovered there were a few natural pasta chefs among our team members.

All in all a deliciously productive day. Not only did we have a fantastic team building experience, but we also had some amazing pasta. Many thanks to Pasta Emilia and Anna Maria for the great afternoon.

Check out some more of the photos below.