Imagine any popular online retail store. There’s not a lot the store wouldn’t know about how busy its various departments are, where customers spend their time, what items attract the most attention and what areas of the store are wasted. Having all of that information available 24/7 in real time allows online businesses to be agile and reactive in a way that brick and mortar stores usually can’t. Enter location analytics for physical spaces. Thanks to location-based services technology, it’s now possible to ‘digitize’ physical locations.

Location cloud platforms work by using location technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Beacons or GPS to determine the location of devices (such as a customer’s smartphone). Not only will a Wi-Fi enabled device be able to share information about where it is, but also where it has been and previous networks it has joined. When a building has multiple Wi-Fi access points, you can see more detail about where in the building the device is, how long it’s dwelled in certain areas, and how it’s moved throughout the space.

Managing physical spaces from an online platform

Local Measure is a Cisco Solutions partner and can provide both location analytics through Cisco DNA Spaces, a location cloud platform, and customer analytics. Cisco DNA Spaces allows businesses to gain insights and deliver more personalized services to customers and employees within their locations, thereby eliminating the ‘blind spot’ held by brick and mortar businesses. Multiple locations can be set up and mapped to match the business hierarchy, while customers and connected objects can be tagged and grouped to allow for rules-based operational workflows. 

For instance, a global hotel chain with hundreds of properties can set each property up as a location and then group them according to state, country etc. Now, within each property your likely to have common spaces such as lobbies and bars – each of these spaces can also be defined, allowing you to see the activity of all your properties’ lobby spaces as a group. Or you might want to tag all your city properties as “urban” and others as “suburban” for a regional comparison. 

Of course, the ability to act on all these insights is where the real value comes in. Within Cisco DNA Spaces, you can be ultra precise when it comes to rules-based workflows. For example, if you want to engage loyal hotel guests at some of your locations you might create a workflow that triggers once they have joined Wi-Fi, entered the lobby,  and been present for 5 minutes, before sending them a welcome message by SMS.

Another example is a hospital – a space with many connected devices, objects and assets. With Cisco DNA Spaces, a manager could track nurses as well as hospital beds or other medical machinery through all the floor levels and rooms and allow alerts to be sent when something is not where it should be.

While customer data tends to steal the focus of CRM teams and Operations, businesses need to see location data as being part of the same ecosystem that makes up the customer experience. Stay tuned for more information on how Local Measure is bringing together customer and location insights with Cisco DNA Spaces.