When it comes to acquiring customers, most brands have invested in traditional approaches, that is by using various interruption advertising techniques. These mostly focused on media channels such as TV, direct mail and telemarketing and were geared towards campaign based interruption strategies. However this is becoming an increasingly expensive way to advertise. As a result, many companies are shifting their focus from traditional channels to consistently measured inbound marketing techniques, that is concentrated on building relationships with core customers.

But is this such a bad thing?

Not necessarily. If we look at the traditional methods of outbound marketing, they are less targeted than newer, digital channels. In the virtual landscape, it is easier to gauge target audiences and make sure that your marketing campaigns and strategies are reaching the right audience for you.

But with traditional advertising techniques being so ingrained in our marketing strategies, it’s hard to let old habits die. As a result, many brands are not equipped with the skills to leverage social media channels. But these older advertising forms are proving to be increasingly costly, and in the long run you could be wasting a significant amount of money on ineffective and cumbersome strategies.

So what’s the solution?

Accept Outbound marketing costs more

The first step is accepting that traditional outbound marketing techniques may no longer be as profitable for your company as they once were. You might want to reconsider how you allocate your marketing budgets based on the performance of each medium you invest in.

Go where the leads are cheap

By investing in cheaper channels, such as social media, blogs and other mediums, you can gain a higher ROI for your marketing efforts. It’s about redirecting your focus to these channels and improving your SEO strategies, putting in minimal effort for substantial return.