On the whole, investing in social media for your business requires more personnel resources than other advertising channels. It’s only logical – after all, quality customer service requires personal responses, which means investing more in staff that can personally address customer concerns.

The Problem: Firms are struggling to leverage social media without heavily investing in additional personnel and resources

Although many businesses acknowledge social media as a cost effective way to improve lifetime customer values and acquire inexpensive leads, it can also require additional personnel resources. Without the right tools, ROI analytics and the appropriate systems in place, the cost of managing social media may feel like more than it’s worth.

The Solution: Invest in training and tools that automate your social media and provide effective reporting

Have you ever spent a few hours just surfing the web? Imagine how much time your employees might waste when attempting to add value through social media. There are tools that can simplify social media, from providing effective reports, automating publishing tools, and measuring analytics. By investing in these tools, you can drastically improve the ROI of your social media efforts and avoid having to deal with distracting features that can lead your staff astray.