Twitter is often overlooked as a marketing channel. Dominated by celebrities and often associated with inane one liners or near indecipherable messages, some businesses make the mistake of underestimating its potential as an effective communication tool.

Think of Twitter as your guerrilla marketing channel. This is where you can get your campaigns going, start hashtag trends for your brand and post teasers and snippets that will get your customers and audience talking.

Twitter is useful for linking to the meatier stuff – any content, articles or substantial information. A good Tweet will be like a pitch – try to keep everything short, sweet and snappy. You want to get people interested what you really have to say.

The microblogging platform is also becoming a favourite complaints outlet. Many take to Twitter to tweet their frustration at bad customer service, long lines and other general brand risks, and 72% expect an answer for these grievances within an hour. Therefore it’s crucial to keep an eye on Twitter. and to see the fast pace of the platform as an advantage to make the most of delivering quick replies

Of course, it’s inevitable that there will be occasions you can’t fully address a customer’s complaint or question in less than 140 characters. But you can at least give them the means to contact you immediately and assure them there’s someone on the other end of the line to listen.