Interested in using the new, innovative business tool Local Measure? It’s super easy to get started, but here is some basic info on our platform…

Here’s what the Local Measure tool can offer:

  • Manage local messaging across multiple social platforms, with people while they’re at your business. 
  • Engage directly with people who are interested in your brand or business.
  • Curate user-generated content to publish on your brand website.

Local Measure provides these benefits to your business by reducing the complexity of developing your cross-platform marketing activity. As a merchant, trying to interact with customers via social media can be difficult and confusing. Local Measure simplifies the process by providing these three things:  

  • A tool that directs comments and posts about your business or product from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Weibo and Foursquare into one feed, whilst also giving you the ability to interact with all five of these social media sites by commenting from one portal. 
  • Access to rich and dynamic analytics including conversations over time, demographic data and social analysis to help you make supported every day decisions in your business.
  • Real-time performance-monitoring of social conversations.

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