For many Australian business owners, social media is still largely unexplored territory. The Local Measure platform functions as a targeted marketing channel that provides businesses (large or small) with the tools to:

  • manage local messaging across multiple social platforms
  • engage directly with people who are interested in their brand or business
  • generate demand and grow interest in their product offering or service

According to the Yellow Pages Social Media Report, Australian Businesses and Social Media, 27% of small businesses, 34% of medium businesses and 79% of large businesses currently claim to have a social media presence. This leaves a large percentage of businesses offline – all of which have varying business categories and locations.

So if you and your business are currently happy in an offline environment, why should you make the shift? Well – today, the most common uses of social media for businesses include:

  • cultivating discussion through comments, recommendations, tweets etc
  • offering exclusive incentives through the different platforms
  • facilitating two-way communication for a business to utilise to address queries

Social networks aim to create and maintain relationships between a business and its followers/fans/customers, no matter if they actively engage by re-tweeting, commenting, re-pinning or  liking your content. This online exposure has the ability to grow your business exponentially, but the vast amount of content can be difficult to manage – this is where Local Measure comes in handy. Local Measure presents a holistic view of the social conversations happening at your business so you can monitor, respond and build relationships with your customers. Local Measure helps you understand what your customers like (or dislike) about your product/service offering so you can react in real-time and be in control of your business and it’s growth.

If you’re interested in finding more about Local Measure, register your interest on to gain access when we launch.