Statistics show that 90% of companies around the world have a social media presence so there’s no denying social media has taken the world by storm in changing the way businesses communicate. In addition to communicating with customers, approximately 50% of surveyed companies use social media as part of their internal communications strategy.

Social media is not entirely new to business life so it’s not uncommon for companies to have well established guidelines, usage policies for employee general web activity. As you onboard a new staff member into your organisation, they will naturally need to sign an agreement with guidelines of what they can or can’t do so they’re immediately aware.

While some organisations prefer to set guidelines and monitor web activity, others choose to block social media access completely. Would you believe 47% of surveyed organisations block access because they’re concerned about employees sharing sensitive company information? We’ve analysed both sides of the argument and have supported research to help prove why you should encourage your employees to have an active social media presence.

Your employees are your best advocates

You might have heard the term brand advocate mentioned when discussing social media and the truth is your employees are your best brand advocates. They can amplify your message, help you hire the most talented people, grow your presence in the market, introduce you to sales opportunities and much more.

Cherish the relationship you have with your employees, you want them to feel proud to work for you and share positive messages out in the public. Social media isn’t going away anytime soon and people will share things regardless of the rules imposed on them in the organisation. To ensure sharing can positively impact your brand and business, focus on improving how your employees feel when they’re at work. Encourage your employees to participate in social discussions and to feel comfortable and confident to respond to any negative representation of your brand on the internet.

Here are a few other ways to build employee advocacy:

Without people, your company just wouldn’t exist. To create a supportive and trusted culture, you need to believe they are your biggest advocates so insted of banning your employees from any online community, trust that within limits they will promote you more than any external person could. Social media reduces the distance between your employees and strengthens the bond between your team and customers.

Written by Tracy Benillouz