Turn every customer into a loyal advocate through real-time, actionable intelligence

A 360° View of your customer

Our platform translates data into actionable insights


Pulse is a real-time feedback tool to recover service and improve satisfaction while your customer is still on site.

  • Prevent negative reviews
  • Improve customer satisfaction scores and guest loyalty
  • Impact RevPAR & ACV
  • Make informed operational improvements that reduce your costs.


Engage is a one to one social messaging solution for operations and marketing teams.

  • Cultivate loyal customer relationships
  • Create personalized experiences at scale
  • Improve customer service and response times
  • Increase social word-of-mouth

visual content

Curate is a publishing solution to showcase the best customer content posted from your location.

  • Boost online conversion rates
  • Increase website engagement
  • Drive offline sales
  • Generate customer advocacy


Wi-Fi is a sign-on flow that collects and enriches customer records to better personalize experiences and marketing.

  • Grow your customer database
  • Enrich your CRM records
  • Drive ROI from your Wi-Fi
  • Power marketing automation

Why local measure

Local Measure is for businesses with a real world presence. We help brands bridge the online and offline customer experience, empowering front-line teams so they can deliver exceptional service.

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