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“We want people to have a memorable experience when they come to our venues. The best way to share that is through the eyes of the punter.”
Charlie Drayton
Media and Communications Coordinator at Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust

Customer content is known to be more trusted and more engaging than brand content.

Curated content galleries boost online conversions and bookings while increasing customer engagement.

  • Save time by publishing onto any of your sites with one click.
  • Engage live audiences by streaming social content on the big screen during events.
  • Avoid rights issues through a streamlined content rights request process.
  • Maintain brand consistency with customizable editing tools.

How it works

Discover content

Discover the best location-based content with custom search filters.
Gain rights

Request user rights permission with a single click.
Secure content

Images and video are saved for later use once user gives rights.

Publish content to galleries on your website and add calls to action.
A report by Nielson Global found that 42% of consumers are more likely to trust a recommendation from another person over branded content.
1. Source: Nielsen

Showcase the best
customer experiences

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