Engage for Amazon Connect SUPPORTED CHANNELS

All your customer communication channels in one place

Nearly 75% of organizations now rank customer self-service of high importance.˚ With an omnichannel strategy that leverages a range of social and messaging channels, you can create more opportunities for self-service while maintaining a continuous conversation flow with your customers.


Don’t miss any part of the conversation

Local Measure supports all the major social and messaging channels your customers use so that you can ensure conversations have a continuous flow no matter where they are picked up.

The telephony infrastructure is managed by Amazon Connect including carrier connections, redundancy, and routing.

Receive inbound customer emails, and reply to existing conversations within the agent desktop. Email can share the same skills-based routing rules as your voice channels – so agents work on the tasks they are most qualified for.

Messaging, web chat and social apps
Don’t miss those important messages that happen during the sales journey when your customers are on your website or when they connect with you while on Facebook or other social channels. Funnel all messages directly into your agent desktop.

• WhatsApp
• Facebook Messenger
• Twitter
• WeChat*
• Apple Business Chat
• Web Chat

With mobile usage increasing, an SMS channel allows your customers and agents to communicate with maximum efficiency.

˚William, Audrey. (2021) “Why running a multi-channel contact center is costing you more than sleep”, Ecosystem.
*Note: WeChat availability is subject to local regulations

"Local Measure has demonstrated a very impressive agility and capability. Local Measure delivered on time, at a very reasonable rate and with excellent quality. The team at Bauer have mentioned that the training session was the best they have attended. The Local Measure team were very knowledgeable and engaging (and more importantly turned a boring session into a fun one)."

Maj Jebril
are Media

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