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Put your visitors front and center

Local Measure helps you build fan-centered experiences that boost engagement and revenue.

Leading venues use Local Measure to help them:

Drive revenue and return visits

Local Measure helps you create personalized visitor experiences and offers

  • A composite index of NFL stadium rankings shows that teams with highly ranked stadiums have higher fan equity.
  • Surface visitor preferences, history and location analytics to create “wow” moments during visit.
  • Drive ancillary revenue through targeted promotional offers.

Engage fans with live-to-screen content

Local Measure lets you curate the best visitor content from social media and display it live on screen

  • User-generated content is 35% more memorable than other media.
  • Curate and publish live fan content instantly and cost-effectively.
  • Gain usage rights on the spot with one click.

React faster to what’s happening in the stands

Local Measure provides a real-time view of visitors’ digital conversations at your venue

  • 43% of leaders agree that responsiveness is critical to delivering an exceptional consumer experience.
  • Coordinate your operations more efficiently through automated alerts.
  • Ensure visitor safety by pinpointing incidents and potential risks within the stadium.
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