Customer Experience Technologies

Developments in technology continue to shape customer expectations about the experience they will have on your premises and in the digital space. With a growing number of consumer touchpoints available, brands must find ways to maximise each opportunity for engagement and integrate the data gained from Wi-Fi as well as each touchpoint to provide a seamless experience for customers.

Key terms


[noun] Beacons are devices that can be positioned around a property and transmit an individual’s specific location, often using a Bluetooth signal. Virtual beacons rely on a Wi-Fi network to transmit, rather than using a Bluetooth signal.

Artificial Intelligence

[compound noun] Intelligence exhibited by machines. Unlike traditional programming, it centres around machine learning. Artificial Intelligence allows machines to continuously develop and improve knowledge across vast and varied data sets.

Shadow Customer Base

[compound noun] Refers to the percentage of customers on-site that have not transacted with you prior to arriving. These customers are usually part of a group where one person has made the booking or purchase on behalf of the group. Free customer Wi-Fi is a way to capture the details of the shadow customer base.

Social CRM

[compound noun] A Social CRM is a sub-category of customer relationship management software that focuses on the data obtained from social media, using techniques and technology to enable organizations to engage with their customers.

Social Sign-On

[compound noun] Social Sign-On is a type of sign-on (or login) using a user’s existing information from their social media account such as Facebook or Twitter. This form of sign-on can be used to login to a third party website or Wi-Fi network instead of creating a new login account specifically for that website.


[noun] A computer program or artificial intelligence that can converse with you through text or auditory conversation.

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