Luxury Hotels and Resorts

In hospitality, luxury is defined by the service you receive. High thread-count sheets, marble bathrooms, and panoramic views have their place, but the feeling that guests receive from warm, anticipatory and personalized service is paramount. True luxury simultaneously offers an escape from the day to day, while making you feel at home. Hotels that understand luxury know that there is nothing more valuable than listening to your guests.

Key terms


[noun] A buzz-worthy term to describe an adventure experience within a luxury context. These type of pre-packaged experiences are aimed at the travelers who fit the luxury price bracket, and who want all the comforts associated with luxury.


[noun] Referring to a state of great comfort, luxury is marked by six facets: rarity, expensiveness, quality, aesthetics, superfluousness, and ancestral heritage. The relative importance of these facets varies across cultures, and different consumermindsets.


[noun] Self-actualization refers to a psychological need for people to reach their full potential. Consumers expressing this need are led by their emotional values and more interested in intangible benefits that relate to their own pleasure.

Transformational Experience

[compound noun] An experience is transformational when it offers the traveler the promise of self-improvement or personal achievement. The presence of a challenge, whether physical or cultural, along with authenticity and uniqueness are components of transformational experiences.

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