How To Easily Improve Your CX using Your CRM

Over 150,000 businesses globally rely on Salesforce CRM to help them to better understand their customers.

Local Measure makes it possible to use Salesforce CRM to deliver exceptional and personalized customer interactions with its award-winning contact center solution Engage, which is now available as a CTI adapter for Salesforce.

What is a CTI?

CTI stands for Computer Telephony Integration.

A CTI is a way of using a computer to control the functionalities of a phone via an adapter integrated into a CRM system. With a CTI, all telephone calls can be made via the computer desktop from the CRM, meaning that the phone is no longer needed.

Benefits of the
Engage CTI for Salesforce.

Increase efficiency & productivity

Maximize the value of the Salesforce licenses you are already paying for and increase the efficiency of your current contact center by combining two powerful tools (Engage and Salesforce) into one.

Service beyond the contact center

Extend your capacity to deliver customer service beyond the contact center. Anyone in your business can now quickly and easily respond to customer queries, from any of your enabled departments.

Power connection through Salesforce

The Engage CTI is embedded with your Salesforce customer data providing an intuitive omnichannel interface agents love, that the delivers personalized experience your customers want.

How is Engage CTI for Salesforce Different?

Engage CTI for Salesforce is a powerful, omnichannel contact center platform with an easy-to-use interface that can be embedded into your current Salesforce Lightning account.

Unlike traditional CTIs that utilize only the telephony of Amazon Connect, the Engage CTI for Salesforce consolidates every communication channel to give you all the power and functionality of an omnichannel contact center, without having to leave Salesforce.

Functionality includes;

  • Make and receive exceptional quality calls with click-to-dial
  • Handle inbound chats whether via webchat, SMS, or Social Messaging
  • Connect to Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM, Twitter DM, WhatsApp, WeChat, and Apple Business Chat
  • Each user can choose from an English, French, German, Spanish or Korean interface 
  • Easily search and explore knowledge-base articles 
  • Review historical contact information to get an overview of all customer interactions 
  • Optimize resolution times with Resolution Codes, Contact notes and pre-filled responses

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