Local Customer Intelligence.

Discover and understand your customers to improve guest experience and drive advocacy for your brand.

Your front line staff are missing over 80% of feedback from customers. Here’s how we solve the problem.

  • Capture a Location

    Capture a Location

    Select an address or area on a map for instant visibility into the social content posted from that place.

  • Discover Content and Insights

    Discover Content and Insights

    Cut through the noise to surface the most relevant and meaningful social media content. See who is on-site right now and find out what they are saying.

  • Engage and Publish

    Engage and Publish

    Connect with your customers from any of your social handles to create relationships and memorable experiences. Build stunning galleries of user-generated content and publish them online.

Simple yet powerful enterprise features, trusted by global brands.

  • Explore

    Discover social media posts and feedback from your business in real-time for unparalleled customer insights. Monitor a single location, multiple locations, or groups of locations.

  • Engage

    Drive brand advocacy word of mouth by interacting directly with loyal and influential guests. Provide timely responses and effectively solve service issues before they become public brand risks.

  • Publish

    Display the best user-generated content on your websites, apps, and digital screens to showcase experiences through the eyes of real visitors.

  • Analyse

    Gain valuable insight into trends, performance, and sentiment at a location level to find out where your business excels and where it can improve.

  • Automate

    Save time with smart rules-based workflows to send important alerts and notifications to the right person, at the right time. Transform digital insights into real-world actions.

  • Integrate

    Connect Local Measure with your other operational tools to combine customer data and optimise workflow.

  • Roam

    Access and manage your social media anytime, anywhere with Local Measure’s mobile app. Never miss an opportunity to interact with or leverage customer content.

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