Personalization Delivers Vodafone New Zealand Customers an Exceptional Experience.

Vodafone New Zealand Case Study Local Measure

One NZ (formerly Vodafone New Zealand) is one of New Zealand's leading digital services and connectivity companies. Read how they modernized their contact center solution to provide a personalized and enhanced customer experience by partnering with AWS and Local Measure. One NZ can now offer customers an asynchronous omnichannel experience with a rich agent experience, resulting in increased first contact resolution, reduced average handle time, and increased agent speed-to-competency; all at a reduced cost.

About One NZ

One NZ is one of New Zealand's leading digital services and connectivity companies, with over 2 million consumers across broadband and mobile services and over 100 thousand business customers.

One NZ believes every customer should receive exceptional service on their terms, no matter where they are. So in 2020, they started a project to reimagine the customer journey and modernize their existing on-premise contact center solution.

The Challenge

One NZ's on-premise contact center solution was old, unsupported, challenging and costly to change. As a result, it wasn't meeting the demands of its customers or agents. The agent experience was not rich enough to provide full-featured, contextual information to deliver the experience their customers expected. 

As One NZ is customer obsessed and dedicated to innovation, they wanted to communicate with their customers on their channel of choice at the best time for them. When people are busy, they need to be able to stop and pause communication and pick it up again later on in the day. Vodafone didn't want their customers to have to wait online, consuming hours of their day trying to communicate with the business. 

The legacy telephony-based solution meant they couldn't branch out into asynchronous communication channels. Hence, they needed a more agile, stable platform to deliver asynchronous messaging capability and automation.

The Solution - Amazon Connect

One NZ selected Amazon Connect to provide customers with a personalized and enhanced customer experience.

Their previous chat solution suffered from neglect and instability issues and was underperforming. So AWS helped One NZ to migrate from its existing chat platform to an Amazon Connect-based chat solution. The new solution enabled their agents to support customers from their contact centers, stores or home. 

Next Level Experience - Local Measure

As One NZ wanted even more efficiency and better agent tools, they looked for a solution with Amazon native integration capability and a vendor that would keep up with the pace of development of Amazon. They didn't want customized solutions built outside of Amazon Connect that would route agents around the outside. Instead, One NZ was willing to buy something new and innovative to deliver a rich agent experience. 

Part of the rich agent experience was to simplify the agent landscape as much as possible by giving a slick, single view of customers and their interactions so that agents could be informed, communicate well and deliver a truly personalized experience. One NZ found that Local Measure was the vendor that fulfilled all the criteria they were looking for.

"The Engage agent desktop helps to deliver our immediate needs and gives us a scalable path to tomorrow, all while reducing the cost of operation" - Kris Thornley, Senior Architect, One NZ.

Why Engage? 

If an agent's workspace is crammed into the bottom of a screen, they have no room to see entire transcripts rolling through. As a result, they cannot take up the context when they're the next on the line to respond to the customer.

"The best thing about Local Measure's solution for me is the richness of the agent experience. Rather than being penned up in a small three by three square, agents now have a rich area where they can communicate in a world of asynchronous chat." Kris Thornley, Senior Architect, One NZ. 

The Results

  • Call transfers are down from 1 in 5 calls to 1 in 20 calls
  • 10% Increase in Total Fix/contact Resolution
  • 2min Reduction in Average Handle Time
  • Increase in agent Speed-To-Competency 

The Future 

One NZ is reimagining the customer experience by becoming an omnichannel business. That means delivering a seamless experience for their customers at the time of their choosing that is personalized & asynchronous across voice, chat, messaging, and in-store.

Critical is an intuitive tool like Engage that connects agents with customers. Working with Local Measure and AWS enables One NZ to continue to innovate at pace well into the future.

AWS Services Used in the Solution 

  • Amazon Connect
  • Amazon Connect Customer Profiles
  • Amazon Pinpoint 
  • Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)
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