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The Coffee Club needed to enhance its customer service experience by implementing a better contact center solution. Read on to find out how, after carefully considering and evaluating different contact center solutions, The Coffee Club Voice of Customer team chose Local Measure's Engage, delivering exceptional results.

About MinorDKL 

MinorDKL is a leading Australian retail food franchise that owns some of the country's most popular brands, including Coffee Hit, Veneziano, and The Coffee Club, its largest brand. The Coffee Club was founded in 1989 with a single store in Brisbane and now has over 360 locations worldwide. Franchisees primarily run the Coffee Club, which has a successful track record of meeting the market demand for high-quality food, coffee, and service. The Coffee Club's locally-owned cafes are renowned for their inclusive culture and warm hospitality and cater to a diverse clientele, from millennials to families with children and grandparents,

The Challenge 

The Coffee Club's legacy contact center platform did not provide adequate tracking capabilities, flexibility, or the ability to integrate with external systems; hence, the Voice of Customer team needed a contact center solution to improve the service to their members. They required all customer information in one place and wanted to be able to track customer interactions, including the frequency of communication, membership status, and any other vital details. They also needed to consolidate the multiple mailboxes they had to oversee, including one each for online shopping, gift cards, and general feedback. 

Many loyalty program customers preferred to use the phone to call, so The Coffee Club needed to ensure their phone interactions were as robust as possible. They also wanted to integrate their social media channels into the platform. 

After carefully considering and evaluating different contact center solutions available in the market, The Coffee Club Voice of Customer team decided to implement a cloud-based solution.

The Solution 

The team at The Coffee Club already had an existing and positive relationship with AWS. After researching several solutions, they decided that Local Measure's Engage, a pre-built contact center platform for Amazon Connect, most closely met their needs. The Coffee Club found that Engage offered seamless integration with Amazon Connect and provided advanced features that were crucial for their contact center operations.  Specifically, the platform offers intelligent routing and real-time analytics, which have proven to be highly effective in improving first-contact resolution rates. With intelligent routing, customers are automatically directed to agents who are best suited to handle their specific needs, while real-time analytics provides immediate insights that enable the supervisor to provide immediate support or make adjustments as needed.

The Coffee Club prioritized voice as its primary channel, leading to that being launched first with Engage. Train-the-trainer sessions conducted by Local Measure were incredibly successful in facilitating the onboarding process for new agents, meaning that new agents can start being effective within 1 or 2 days. This streamlined approach enabled the contact center head to train both the onshore and offshore teams effectively in just a matter of hours.

"The service experience with Local Measure was excellent. I felt supported, and when I had questions, the team was responsive". - Elle Wann- Voice of Customer Manager, MinorDKL

The Results

The Coffee Club has enhanced its customer service experience and improved call handling efficiency by implementing Local Measure's Engage. This powerful tool has allowed them to prioritize voice interactions and deliver personalized and effective support to each customer, resulting in higher satisfaction and loyalty. Engage's features have enabled The Coffee Club's Voice of Customer team to gain valuable insights into call volume and categorize calls using resolution codes. This has significantly improved the team's ability to interact with customers over the phone, as they can now record and refer back to calls for coaching and training purposes, especially for the offshore team handling Australian calls. The ability to refer back to calls has facilitated better customer communication and helped the team understand the nuances of language. 

The seamless integration of CRM into Engage has provided customer service agents with swift access to customer details, leading to an improved customer experience. With the ability to identify callers and their membership status, agents no longer need to ask unnecessary questions and can instead provide quicker and more personalized interactions. The positive feedback from customers who feel appreciated and valued is proof of the system's effectiveness.

In addition, Engage has been extremely valuable for The Coffee Club's reporting capabilities. They can identify trends and make informed business decisions by analyzing call types, volume, and team actions. This information sharing has also empowered the team and highlighted their efforts and focus. 

The team also saw some exceptional quantitative results:

  • Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) - increased by 12.5% 
  • Average Handle Time (AHT) - reduced by 40% 

The Coffee Club continues to work with Local Measure to further enhance its customer experience by integrating Jira to display the status of issues raised by customers and create new tickets while agents are on call.

Overall, the implementation of Engage and Amazon Connect has transformed The Coffee Club's customer service approach and allowed them to deliver a special experience for every customer.

“Now our agents can see who is calling and personalize the call. It not only saves time for everyone, but It's really lovely to hear customers' positive reactions: “Oh, you know who I am!”  - Elle Wann - Voice of Customer Manager, MinorDKL.

AWS Services Implemented

  • Amazon Connect
  • Amazon SES
  • Amazon ECS
  • Amazon Connect Customer Profiles
  • Amazon Lambda and Amazon DynamoDB
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