Maximize your technology ROI with Cisco and Local Measure

Local Measure’s integrations with Cisco Wireless solutions allows businesses with physical locations to receive real-time customer intelligence whenever customers are on-premise. The combined Cisco and Local Measure solution allows businesses to derive more value from their wireless networks and create exceptional customer experiences.


Transform the customer journey

Local Measure integrates with Cisco Meraki and Cisco DNA Spaces to help businesses bridge the online and offline customer experience. Local Measure’s plug and play integration provides marketing, operations, IT and CX teams with rich customer profiles and insights across multiple sites and locations, so that businesses can personalize experiences and drive customer loyalty.

Derive more value from your Cisco WiFi investment

Local Measure’s custom branded, multilingual WiFi captive portal provides a seamless user WiFi experience while capturing rich insights about on-premise customer behavior, including contact details, entry, exit and dwell times, and location history on returning customers.

Get customer feedback in real-time over WiFi

Local Measure’s real-time customer feedback tool allows businesses to optimize their Cisco wireless network by surveying customers in an unobtrusive way as part of the WiFi login flow. By acting on customer sentiment in the moment, businesses can improve customer satisfaction scores, prevent negative online reviews, and create memorable customer experiences to drive loyalty and increase spend.

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“The partnership reflects favourably on us in front of our customers because we're bringing a partner in who has incredible, unique technology that allows our customers to gain more value from our technology.”

Chuck Robbins

CEO, Cisco

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