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See why 2,000+ leading businesses globally have chosen Local Measure as their Customer Experience Platform.

Local Measure provides customer feedback, WiFi analytics and customer engagement solutions to help you connect with your customers and collect real-time insights to personalize experiences at scale.

Through Local Measure you can:

  • Easily identify customers at your venue
  • Gain insights into on-premise customer behavior
  • Measure customer experience with real-time feedback
  • Capture rich customer data to personalize experiences
  • Enable customers to digitally engage with your business
  • Integrate our data with your existing platforms

Local Measure translates real-time customer data into clear actions for operations teams to deliver experiences that delight customers. Through Local Measure you can:

  • Acquire new customers for your CRM
  • Identify loyal customers and first-time visitors
  • Drive repeat visits through personalized experiences
  • Recover service issues and help prevent negative reviews
  • Boost brand advocacy through social media
  • Engage one-to-one with on-premise visitors

Trusted by leading brands around the world