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Deliver Better Customer Service with a Cloud Contact Center

FREE Contact Center Set-up
(Valued at up to $20,000)

If you want to improve customer service agent productivity, reduce average handling times, and deliver exceptional customer experiences, now is the time to migrate your contact center to the cloud.

With end-to-end management, Local Measure will set up the Amazon Connect contact center infrastructure and our award-winning platform, Engage, allowing you to improve agent efficiency and take your customer experience to the next level.

Exclusively for Members of the AWS Connected Community

*Free set-up applies to customers who sign up to one of our subscription tiers (excluding on-demand) and a support package for a minimum of 12-months. Please note, using its discretion, Local Measure may choose to rescind or amend this offer without prejudice at any time.

FREE Contact Center Set-up (Valued at up to $20,000)

A cloud contact center can seamlessly integrate your existing systems, enabling you to better connect with and serve your customers via phone and digital channels.  

Normally setting up a cloud contact center can cost up to $20,000, but now exclusively for members of the AWS Connected Community, Local Measure is offering to set up your cloud contact center for FREE!

Enjoy a quick time to value with an easy, no fuss journey to the cloud

  • Complete set up of Amazon Connect and Engage by Local Measure environments.
  • Support and management of AWS call center infrastructure.
  • Out of the box omnichannel agent desktop including voice, email, social media and chatbot functionality.
  • Dedicated implementation and support team.
  • Implementation, onboarding and staff training.

Benefits of Engage by Local Measure

Reduces licensing and ongoing support costs

With Engage you won't need any expensive agent licenses. Our consumption-based pricing caters to businesses of all sizes.

Improves agent output and customer satisfaction

Give customers the answers they need with simple self-serve AI, and free up your agents to concentrate on more complex issues.

Puts you on the channels your customers use

Allow customers the convenience to engage with your business via their preferred channels, on their own device, at a time that suits them.

What is Engage for Amazon Connect?

Engage intelligent contact center platform is powered by AWS and offers simple and streamlined customer service. It provides an intuitive interface to manage all inbound and outbound customer queries, ensuring exceptional customer experiences.
Say goodbye to complex customer service and hello to effortless customer support!

Making Cloud Contact Centers Affordable and Accessible

At Local Measure, we aim to make cloud contact centers more affordable and accessible. We are dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes take advantage of the latest technology and get the most out of their cloud contact centers.
Our free setup for AWS Connected Community members lets you get your cloud contact center up and running quickly without breaking the bank!

Streamlined Setup

Local Measure’s cloud contact center, Engage for Amazon Connect, is powered by AWS and provides a streamlined setup process. 
Our team of experts will help you get your cloud contact center up and running quickly and easily so that you and your customers can start benefiting immediately.

Getting started with engage

Results Our Clients have seen

50% Reduction in Average Handling Time

$2m Cost Saving

10% Increase in Total Contact Resolution

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