Podcasts are no longer a novelty medium, but a convenient way to consume informative and educational content. Their ability to provide on-demand, customized learning without having to read a book has inspired time-strapped young professionals to become loyal listeners. With technology advancements redefining customer experience, there is a great opportunity for CX leaders to deliver memorable moments and drive real growth.

At Local Measure, we believe in a world where every customer experience is exceptional. And through exceptional customer experience, every customer can be turned into a loyal advocate. We have compiled a list of five valuable CX podcasts that will help you become better a better Customer Experience leader.

1. What It Means by Forrester

Forrester has long been an iconic name in the world of CX research. Since 2017, they have hosted a weekly podcast to explain how the paradigm shift in consumer behavior is changing business. The series highlights a range of issues, from technology and data strategy to climate change and brand security. Forrester also features opinions from executives in various industries, which allows you to dive deep into the changing landscape in today's marketplace.

For a quick start, we’d recommend checking out CX: Catering to a Creature of Habit, an excellent keynote delivered by TJ Keitt, Forrester’s senior analyst. In this comprehensive 27-min podcast, Keitt walks through the importance of habits in CX design and explains how brands should support and adapt to these habits to develop a loyal customer following. Our favorite thing about this episode is Keitt’s ability as a speaker to connect listeners to his keynote. Using his own personal experience with bookstores and airlines as starting examples, he breaks down the three key components of habits in simple terms and explains a clear path for businesses to deliver value to customers.

We believe What It Means is a great podcast if you’re looking for guidance on major changes in the market that are influencing your marketing executive decisions.

2. Crack the Customer Code

If you are looking for a podcast series that delivers insights from business leaders, Crack the Customer Code might be a match. Adam Toporek and Jeannie Walters interview top Fortune 500 executives, authors, and entrepreneurs, sharing their wisdom in the fields of customer experience and customer service. The podcast earns great ratings amongst its listeners for the personal stories, the energy and fun the hosts bring into their talks. The episode lengths average from 10 minutes to half an hour, which is sure to suit your listening needs, whether you're going for a morning run or on a short office break.

Our favorite episode in this series is The Journey to Wow, a slightly longer 27-min interview with Shaun Belding, CEO of The Belding Group and author of The Journey to Wow. Belding understands how easy it is to miss the mark when creating memorable customer experiences. With this understanding, the episode delivers a list of tips companies can look at, backed up by evidence-based research. The thing we like about this interview is the simple but insightful statistics uncovered during the peak moments in the CX journey that are sure to change businesses' existing perceptions. The episode delivers an effective interview that covers the most important parts of Belding's book, so that avid readers are informed enough to make a purchase, and casual listeners are satisfied with the informative summary.

We’d recommend Crack the Customer Code for those seeking an informative, entertaining, bite-size source of content to further their knowledge on CX.

3. The Chief Customer Officer Human Duct Tape Show

In this creatively named podcast series, industry influencer Jeanne Bliss hosts interviews with CX executives from around the world. CCOs from companies like Airbnb, Audi and Adobe discuss how change management and talent development plays a role in achieving world-class customer experience. As the name implies, Jeanne Bliss compares the CCO to the human duct tape of the organization, uniting the company to achieve customer-driven growth. The podcast ranges from 40 minutes to 1 hour per episode, so it might be worthwhile to focus your attention to one episode at a time.

Our best pick of this podcast thus far is SVP Member Experience at Peloton. The episode features an interview with Brad Olson, SVP at Peloton, a mission-based company that creates the most convenient and immersive in-home cycling experience. What we truly like about this interview is learning from Olson's personal experience, the problems and vulnerabilities the company encounters while it scales successfully. Bliss's personality also shines through her interview in engaging her interviewees with meaningful questions and a thoughtful approach.

We believe The Chief Customer Officer Human Duct Tape Show will be a useful podcast for those looking for wisdom from experienced leaders as a dose of motivation and advice for their own businesses.

4. Experience This

Hosted by customer retention expert Joey Coleman and social media expert Dan Gingiss, Experience This provides a weekly dose of positive customer experience use cases. In this podcast series, you will find inspiring customer service stories from successful consumer brands such as Audible, Nescafe or Southwest Airlines. The podcast provides practical tips that businesses often miss on attracting and retaining customers, whether through change technologies, internal culture or system processes. The best part? The series is a compact 30-min mix of big ideas and actionable takeaways to help you move the needle with your business.

If you're new to this podcast, we’d recommend checking out Navigating, Motivating, and Integrating! to get used to the general style of the series. Our favorite thing about this episode is how Gingiss and Coleman deliver an insightful analysis of 3 different topics with both data-backed research and listeners' use case stories. The hosts understand how it can be hard to implement new information, thus including at the end of the podcast 3 concise takeaways to make it easier for their listeners.

Similar to Crack the Customer Code, we’d also recommend Experience This for practitioners seeking a practical, bite-size source of content to further their knowledge on CX, as well as small businesses looking to expand on their growth.

5. The Modern Customer

If you are looking to explore issues at the intersection of CX, social customer service and content creation, this is your go-to podcast. Customer experience expert and Forbes contributor Blake Morgan interviews top executives from companies like Zappos, who leverage technology and invest in teams to build customer-centric businesses that stand out from competitors. Staying true to its name, the podcast caters to a wide range of issues while emphasizing digital transformation in the CX space and inspiring businesses to “get future ready".

Our favorite in this series so far is Today's CX Tech Stack for the Modern Customer. The episode features an interview with David Rowley, CTO of IAC Publishing Labs, one of the world's leading web-based publishers. The interview effectively tackles a hard challenge for business - integrating technology stacks that will last as technology changes and evolves. Rowley delivers a detailed analysis of the problem and gives his insight on solutions that fit the nature of your business' customer life cycle. The podcast brings up different facets and open questions that serve as a starting point for businesses to consider as a bigger picture when it comes to CX.

We believe The Modern Customer will be a helpful podcast to help you stay informed on key CX and customer service technology trends, especially if you hold a senior position in the field.

Within the consumer space, there is no doubt that customer experience will be the growth engine of the future. Exploring some of these podcasts is a great start to help you design worthwhile customer experience solutions to become a master in the CX space.