In the fast moving world of consumer marketing, speed and agility are of utmost importance. This is because brand marketing is now a two-way dialogue, where consumers take part in contributing to the brand. Conversations and content are at the core of every campaign; if you can’t react fast enough to what is being said, then you will likely miss out on both. Check out our tips below on how to use social media to amplify your message while incorporating the customer conversations.

Create a tactical plan

Good preparation goes a long way. Start by listing specific objectives and actions that you would like to see accomplished. Mapping these out, along with the staff members who will be responsible for them, ensures that everyone understands what is required and is empowered to respond quickly to conversations and mentions on social media.

Assemble a 24/7 team

Even if your operating hours are 9am to 10pm, the conversation doesn’t end when your doors shut. Customers expect a near-immediate response, and the only way to have real-time conversations is by making sure that someone is always listening and ready to respond. Of course, during business hours there is an expectation of prompt response times. Staff members will need to be trained on how to answer a range of questions, from complaints to random questions, while staying true to the brand.

Zero-in on your locations

The conversations being had within your physical location are the most likely to require focused attention, since they pertain to the customer’s immediate experience with potential to impact the path to purchase. It’s hard to see who is on site by monitoring hashtags alone, so you’ll need to use a location-based monitoring tool to see who is on site in real time.

Find your influencers

One of the best ways to amplify the reach of your campaign is through influencers on social media. You can effectively source influencers for free with social media management tools that notify you when influencers above a certain follower count enter your premises. Look up what influencers have visited your site in the past, and make sure you invite them back for the campaign period. You can calculate your potential reach by totalling the follower count of each of these influencers or use distinct promo codes to track conversions.

Curate the best content

Drive the story around your campaign through compelling User Generated Content (UGC). 92% of people put their faith in peer recommendations, making UGC a powerful tool to drive sales and reinforce branding. With a UGC gallery on your website, you can implement call-to-action (CTA) buttons on each image, driving to booking pages or related content.

Finally, ensure your event is socially sharable. Consider the structure, the story and the interactions involved in every stage. If you can deliver an exceptional customer experience, then you will generate the quality content and interesting conversations that are worth sharing.