Avaya & Genesys announce End of Life for on-premise systems. The future is cloud.

Avaya & Genesys announce End of Life

Avaya & Genesys are the most recent contact center vendors to announce end-of-life (EOL) for a number of their on-premise call and contact center systems. With thousands of paying customers on systems that are now sunsetting, this is a clear sign the Contact Center industry is moving to the cloud and in doing so experiencing giant leaps in innovation, AI & ML, automation, and customer experience.

Ten years ago, buying a new contact center solution for your business required a Finance, Legal, Network Engineering & IT Degree, and that was just to choose the right vendor. The upfront costs were also enough to make seasoned CFOs blush.

It's little wonder, then, that few contact center teams ever got the credit or awareness they deserve within a company. In the old days, a contact center was often considered a cost, not an asset.

Thankfully, times have changed. 

Today, cloud contact center technology helps your agents deliver a remarkable customer experience because the software works for them, not against them. This includes the use of intelligent AI and ML like chatbots to speed up resolution times and provide highly intuitive self-service.

On-premise contact centers are out. Cloud is in.

Predictions by research group MarketsandMarkets sees the growth in the cloud contact center industry to rise from $17.1 billion in 2022 to over $54 billion in 2027. This includes budgets that were spent on legacy on-premise systems that are now moving to the cloud, and a whole new segment of Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

For SMEs, cloud contact center technology opens up vast new opportunities. For those who couldn’t afford an on-premise contact center setup before, they can now afford to have support agents anywhere in the world coupled with highly-efficient AI chatbots and Omnichannel support. This is all thanks to cloud technology like Local Measure’s Engage.

Both Avaya & Genesys announce EOL for on-premise systems.

Avaya and Genesys are the most recent on-premise call and contact center providers to announce end-of-life (EOL) for a number of their telephony systems.

With thousands of paying companies, the need to change vendors creates an enormous opportunity for brands to innovate with Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning capability, Robotic Process Automation and digital customer experience. While the migration from an end-of-life system to a modern cloud contact center might seem daunting, many companies like Local Measure offer quick migration packages to migrate legacy contact center systems to the cloud. 

Covid-19, the catalyst for cloud Contact Centers.

It's worth mentioning that pre-Covid-19, the demand for cloud contact centers was was strong but today the demand has exploded. Prior to Covid most customer care teams all sat in the same room, or rooms - and even an old clunky system allowed agents to juggle support requests. 

In a post Covid world, with the need for agents to work from home, Contact Centers are now migrating to flexible and more intelligent cloud solutions. On-premise systems simply weren't designed for remote workers, which is probably not a surprise.

At the same time, people got used to shopping online and older on-premise contact center solutions couldn't keep up with the surge in digital and online customer service. With no real Chatbot, Omnichannel, or Personalization abilities the legacy platforms crumbled. With Covid, came the perfect storm for change, and also a chance to reduce costs. 

The cloud is cutting costs and admin too.

The support costs with on-premise systems are now hard to justify, especially as IT talent gets harder to find and more expensive. With Cloud Contact Center As A Service (or CCaaS), companies like Local Measure look after your feature updates, and you don't have to worry about needing a technical team to be on red alert at all times.

Experience excellence, experience Engage!

When it comes to changing systems or migrating to the cloud from an EOL Avaya or Genesys system (or any other on-premise system), please don't hesitate to book a Free demo for Engage. You might be surprised at what a cloud contact center solution can offer your business.

December 5, 2022

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