The percentage of the US population using a messaging app is now estimated to be 45.5%. In their early stages, messaging apps were predominantly used between friends, but there are now over 60 million businesses using Facebook Messenger. If you haven’t worked out a system for responding to your customers on messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, now is the time. We recently conducted a survey to see which channels guests were using to communicate to hotels at different stages and the results back up the fact that messaging is becoming a favorite.

Who we surveyed

Local Measure surveyed over 100  respondents of which  91% worked within Hotels & Resorts with job titles including:

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • General Manager
  • Marketing
  • Guest Experience Manager
  • Front Office Manager.

Respondents were asked to select, from a predefined range, all the communication channels that guests would use during different phases of their journey.

What we discovered will surprise you

If your front office team hasn’t extended their communication channels beyond phone and email, they’re missing out on a lot of customer communication. Most significantly, we found:

  • When it comes to getting in touch pre-visit, an equal percentage of hotels (46%) said that guests will communicate with them by phone and through Facebook Messenger.
  • When it comes to communication during-visit, Instagram comments was the most common digital channel channel by far (36% of respondents selected this channel, followed by 23% selecting Facebook Messenger, and 22% selecting phone).
  • Post visit, Facebook Messenger is more widely acknowledged than phone as a communication channel (25% versus 15%).
Number of respondents who indicated channel use

Amongst all the channels examined in our survey, in-person communication stands out as the oldest and simplest method available to guests during stay, and yet guests are clearly indicating that in many cases, they would rather use digital communication channels. This may be because digital communication channels are becoming easier to use, but also that people are becoming more accustomed to short written messages as a way of communicating and that face-to-face or phone communication can feel confrontational.

By allowing guests to express their feedback and share their experience through multiple channels, businesses are not only better equipped to improve the guest experience but they also gain richer insights that allow them to make more informed strategic decisions.

Local Measure's one-to-one social messaging solution, Engage, helps operations and marketing teams develop authentic, meaningful connections with customers.