The magic of hospitality has always been in the personal touch. One of the single biggest shifts in the post-Covid world will be to re-create the guest experience in a contactless way without robbing your customers of the personal feeling they desire.

The Contactless Experience is Play #1 in our brand new Covid-19 Re-Opening Playbook for the hotel and hospitality industry. The name of the game is to review the touchpoints between staff and guests throughout the customer journey, and identify where technology can replace face-to-face interaction. But most importantly, you must remember to be creative and infuse those digital communications with your brand’s unique personality. 

We’ve identified seven moments in the customer journey where contactless technology could be used to enhance the guest experience. They are:


Send a welcome email to guests with the hotel’s contact (usually WhatsApp) phone number to contact the hotel staff before or during the stay for any questions or requests. 


Look at ways to either automate the check-in experience, such as through your brand’s mobile app, or expedite it by using pre-arrival forms to anticipate arrival times and lessen the time required for a guest to receive their room key.


Send a welcome card to each guest, reiterating all of the channels that the guest can use to contact the hotel, such as the hotel’s contact phone number (preferably WhatsApp to accommodate messaging and calls) and Facebook Messenger details. Include a QR code that guests can scan to provide real-time feedback throughout their stay related to hygiene and safety. This can be printed out and given to guests at check in or left by housekeeping in each room, or alternatively sent to the guest digitally. You could even consider featuring it on the home screen of the in-room TV.

During-Stay Requests:

Consider putting a sticker on the back of the phone that reads “This phone has been sanitised between each stay, but if you prefer to use your own phone, here’s the way to contact us [WhatsApp number]” 

Room Service:

Make your restaurant the Uber Eats for your customers by putting collateral in room to link to an online menu with details for digital communication channels (FB, WhatsApp #) to order. Ensure that your kitchen is prepared to deliver in-room orders promptly -- the competition with online ordering providers is fierce!


Give your guests the option of abstaining from daily cleaning during stay, or a contactless option to indicate when they are comfortable with housekeeping entering their room.


If your property offers concierge services, consider creating a new Twitter or Facebook account for Hotel concierge, driving to a hot phone for concierge that gets passed around for local recommendations, restaurant bookings, theater tickets.

Ready? Get started by mapping out all the points in your customer journey that are most likely to make your guests feel stressed. These might include moments of interaction with your staff or time spent in common areas where they’re most likely to be exposed to other guests. This is your starting point. Have fun getting creative from there!

Local Measure has compiled a comprehensive Covid-19 Re-Opening Playbook for the hotel and hospitality industry - a best practice guide based on observations from thousands of hospitality customers across the globe. Download the full guide here.