The world is in lockdown - cafes closed, events cancelled and travel banned. Businesses now truly only exist through the distributed eyes of their customers. Business-led campaigns just won’t hit the mark. Instead, user-generated content is arguably the only way to continue building your community.

Why? Because user-generated content (UGC) is authentic. It tells the real story.

Suddenly social media has a very important role to play. The virtual experience (VX) is now becoming the customer experience (CX). 

We’ve seen personal trainers and gyms running classes live from their backyards. International galleries and museums are offering virtual tours. Jamie Oliver and other famous chefs are hosting online cooking classes. Even Jimmy Fallon is hosting The Tonight Show from his home… kids and all. 

In these circumstances, social media is bringing us together as one big community. It’s making us feel equal as we navigate the unknown. It’s humanizing business. It’s even humanizing celebrities. Sure, they might have far more space and luxury for their lockdown, but they’re having to stay at home just like us. 

So how can we harness this new strength in our digital community?

According to Adweek, 76% of consumers are more likely to trust content shared by their peers rather than content shared by brands. 

So the power clearly sits in user-generated authentic content. It showcases the user-perspective and it gives buyers a real insight into the business or product.

While you can hope for a viral celebrity post about your business, it’s not a reliable marketing strategy. Instead, you need to give people a reason. Perhaps run a hashtag competition encouraging your followers to post photos using your product or service. Then gather those posts and share them with your wider audience. 

Curate by Local Measure allows you to discover content posted about your business by others and request permission to use it. This becomes the start of your user-generated content gallery - a far more authentic and persuasive collection. We’re seeing businesses harness this method not only to bring their customers closer together, but also their employees. UGC promotes shared experiences and generates trust. From real estate to retail, leisure and events - this is a powerful method for humanizing business in what is currently a virtual world.

Now’s the time to embrace user-generated content, build your marketing content portfolio and share it with your community. For more information about Local Measure Curate, click here.