In an increasingly digital world, businesses need to expand their service channels beyond voice to improve the customer experience. While the importance of an omnichannel CX strategy has generally been recognized, many contact centers are still using outdated and disparate tools to manage customer conversations. So while offering omnichannel customer service can improve the customer experience, it can also introduce more complexity into your contact center. 

Every digital channel is potentially another tool your contact center agents need to use. More than ever before, contact centers must deliver an exceptional customer experience all the while improving agent productivity, managing high call volume and maintaining costs. 

Local Measure Engage for Amazon Connect has been developed for exactly that reason. This inbound contact center software helps businesses to reduce costs, streamline operations, improve CX and increase agent productivity. 

What is Local Measure Engage for Amazon Connect?

Engage for Amazon Connect is an omnichannel agent desktop purpose-built for Amazon Connect to enable contact centers to manage inbound customer calls and direct messages across WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WeChat, email, web chat and SMS all via a single inbox

What is Amazon Connect?

Amazon Connect is an easy-to-use omnichannel cloud contact center that helps companies provide exceptional customer service at a lower cost. Built originally for their own needs, Amazon Connect now services thousands of companies worldwide helping them save up to 80% over traditional contact center solutions, improve agent efficiency and easily scale to meet unpredictable changes in demand. 

How do Local Measure Engage and Amazon Connect work together?

Local Measure Engage for Amazon Connect
Amazon Connect with Local Measure Engage for Amazon Connect

With single agent sign-on, Local Measure Engage leverages Amazon Connect’s skills-based routing and analytics to ensure every customer conversation reaches the right agent, regardless of the channel used. The solution also integrates with Amazon Lex chatbots, allowing contact centers to vet conversations before routing customers to an agent and then display the chatbot conversation history as reference for the agent. 

Contact center agents can manage up to five customer conversations across multiple social and digital channels at any one time - all via a single inbox. Agents can easily respond to customers’ messages, view customer history of prior conversations, add notes to customer profiles regarding actions and next steps, and resolve queries using pre-defined resolution codes. Automated response snippets, plus welcome and idle messaging templates, make it easy for agents to start conversations and keep customers engaged during busy times.

Amongst many other integrations, Local Measure Engage offers an email solution for Amazon Connect by syncing with Amazon Simple Email Service. Engage also offers Amazon Pinpoint for SMS, Amazon Lambda for CRM dips, Amazon Lex for chatbots, Amazon Transcribe for logging calls and Amazon Kinesis for data streams. 

With only one interface instead of many, time spent training staff is minimized significantly. Agents work smarter and faster, accelerating response times and improving issue resolution. The ultimate outcome - an improved customer experience in today’s digital world.

Local Measure Engage for Amazon Connect is available for purchase as a service on the AWS Marketplace. Customers can self-serve or enlist Local Measure’s professional services team for an additional fee to assist with implementation. Learn more about our virtual contact center solution here