In our previous articles we had a look at how you can engage with influencers and loyal customers who visit your store, and how you can use social media to leverage events and sponsorships. Today we’ll have a look at how you can use Local Measure to identify sales opportunities in the social conversations.

People share everything! This includes products they love and dislike so by following the right conversations you can gain access to valuable intelligence that could potentially lead into a sales opportunity. If you work in hospitality, your customers are likely to share photos of the food they’ve ordered and the drinks they’re enjoying.

In retail, you’ll see customers posting photos of the latest trends and perhaps latest purchases. There’s no denying that social media plays a major role in a consumer’s’ purchase decision, as people refer to their immediate network of friends and followers for opinions about whether they should purchase a product or not.. At Local Measure we noticed that this behaviour is quite recurrent in the retail industry: a girl posting a picture of herself trying a couple of dresses in a store, and asking which one she should buy.

So what opportunity does this mean to your brand? Here are a few tips for you to help you scout posts that could potentially lead to a sale:

Learn what your customers like and don’t like. People share their feelings, likes, dislikes and opinions on social media. Even if their posts don’t always contain a brand mention, hashtag, or even any caption, pictures can tell a lot. See what products are recurrent in your customers posts so you can have an idea on what is your star product on social media. Putting these products in more visible places in your store or even using them in a marketing offer might help you boost sales

(Post attribution: @___m3lissa___ at Aqua S)

Ask your audience. Feel like trying something new in your business but not sure if your customers will like it? Just ask them! Customers like when brands ask for their opinion, and when a customer takes the time to do it, it means that he cares about your brand. You could also get other valuable feedback. For example, Pizza Hut asked their clients to create their pizza recipe depending on their tastes. By adapting your products to what your audience like you can be sure not to miss sales.

Here’s an idea: Place a poster in store asking your customers to post a photo in store tagged to #customhashtag to receive 10% off their purchase. Or even tweet the competition!

See what your influencers like and dislike and use it to your advantage. Celebrity bloggers and highly influential customers can have a big impact on your brand and sales. Be sure to get their feedback to understand their likes and dislikes. Paying extra-attention to these special customers by focusing on what they like may assure you some highly-targeted visibility.

Here’s an idea: Jump onto Local Measure, select Explore on the side navigation and search by influence to get a view of all the influential people posting at your location. Ping them, say hello and start to build a relationship with them.

See what stores are the most active on social. Local Measure can provide you with a store-by-store view of social activity. Maybe there is a reason why people share more in that store rather than in the other one; are the products different? maybe the design of your restaurant/bar? is there any marketing campaign running? Maybe trends are different from one city/region to another?

We know that 71% of users access social media from a mobile device. An average of 55 millions of pictures shared every day on Instagram, and 70% of all likes, comments and shares in Facebook are related to photographs. It is not surprising that pictures are the most popular type of content shared on social media. And no wonder Twitter integrated pictures to their feed. All this content represent an opportunity for your brand, an opportunity to convert a reactive customer into a sales lead opportunity.

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Written by Tracy Benillouz