Business leaders often tend to look at their customer support as a cost center, and that’s understandable. In the past, call centers mainly handled complaints and the very experience of getting in touch with an agent at a call center was not exactly a pleasant one. Every call added more cost to the bottom line.

But how things have changed! With cloud contact centers, not only are customer problems addressed faster and with less friction, agents are able to proactively anticipate customer needs creating more sales opportunities, all with lower cost and lower business risk.

An omnichannel, cloud-first strategy is what enables both the cost savings and new revenue opportunities primarily by centralizing customer communications and data. Unifying customer data lets businesses move past one-size-fits-all offers and allows for a needs-based approach – powered through AI and assisted by automation. Cloud-based omnichannel contact centers can deliver business outcomes through:

  • improved prediction of intent, which enables first-call resolution
  • reduction of repeat calls
  • reduced average handle time
  • increase in NPS
  • reduced customer churn
  • increase in upsell opportunities 
  • improved agent experience and reduced turnover.

Learn more at AWS Contact Center Day

On July 13, 2021, AWS will host a Contact Center Day targeted to contact center business decision-makers and AWS customers. It will be an opportunity to learn contact center best practices, hear stories from amazing AWS customers, and look to the horizon to make predictions on where contact center technology is headed.

Local Measure will be offering workshops to participants on how you can easily get setup with Engage for Amazon Connect and how to add more channels to your contact center. We will also be sharing some inspirational customer success stories.

Looking forward to seeing you at AWS Contact Center Day on July 13. 

See the event agenda and register here