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A quick interview with Local Measure's founder and CEO, Jonathan Barouch

Interview with Local Measure's CEO Jonathan Barouch

The following is a transcript of a Partner Spotlight video created by AWS for the 10th Anniversary of the APN (AWS Partner Network)  

Q: What makes Local Measure unique?

Hi, I'm Jonathan Barouch. I'm the CEO and founder of Local Measure. Local Measure is a next generation customer experience company. Our flagship product, Engage for Amazon Connects, is available on the AWS Marketplace. We have customers subscribing for a number of reasons, but predominantly it's to help manage and scale their customer service. There are a few amazing examples during the pandemic where we went into an organisation with AWS and we moved them to the cloud really seamlessly. One great example that I can think of was a media company where we migrated all of their agents across 3 countries, across 14 brands, in only 9 days. They also told us we were 40% less expensive than other platforms. And now moving forward, they can train their agents 75% quicker, because our agent desktop, our experience is intuitive, and it drives agent productivity.

Q: What is the next wave of growth in the industry?

LocalMeasure was born in Sydney, Australia and I think we were really fortunate to be part of an economic boom around technology.

Historically, Australia has created its prosperity from digging coal out of the ground and I think the next wave of growth is all around tech. You're seeing ISVs and startups popping up all over Australia driving job creation and sort of inspiring the next wave of entrepreneurs to create tech companies and solve some of the world's biggest challenges, including around climate change. So it's a really exciting time to be in technology and we try and help our people and our team stay ahead by learning, growing and continuing to challenge themselves.

Q: How has innovation shaped the last 10 years?

Local Measure has been an overnight success... in about 10 years. We started delivering customer service experiences and software at the edge of an organization, which did pretty well up until the pandemic. During the pandemic, we saw this massive shift from the edge of an organization into the core and working remotely. So we developed a new product called Engage in about six weeks, which allowed businesses to manage customer service at scale, using remote workers delivered over the cloud, with the ability to reach customers no matter how they communicated with you and from anywhere on the planet. That really speaks to the power of the innovation within our business and our partnership with AWS that we were able to move and be as agile as we were during the pandemic.

Q: What does the future hold?

Local Measure is a service delivery partner as well as an ISV Accelerate partner. We were super fortunate to see 500% year-on-year growth in 2021 and moving forward we really want to amplify that and help more customers deliver even better customer experiences around the world.

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July 20, 2023

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