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AWS Podcast: Leading and Innovating Through a Major Disruption with Jonathan Barouch of Local Measure

The AWS For Software Companies Podcast Ep006: Leading and Innovating Through a Major Disruption

AWS for software companies podcast

Episode Number: 006
Date: April 19, 2023
Speakers: Kyle Redding, Jonathan Barouch

AWS for Software Companies podcast Episode 6

Leading and innovating through major disruptions with Jonathan Barouch of Local Measure

Welcome to the AWS for Software Companies podcast, where AWS speaks with software leaders worldwide about their journeys to the cloud, overcoming obstacles and AWS's role in their success.
The topic of this podcast is "Leading and Innovating through Major Disruptions," featuring a conversation with Jonathan Barouch, CEO of Local Measure, a company that was put on the brink by the business challenges posed by Covid, and innovated their way to even greater success.

Topics Include:
Intro to Local Measure
The pre-Covid business model and customers
Impact of Covid
Losing 75% of their revenue within months
Teams navigating the early months of Covid
Reinventing the business
Testing, iterating new business models
Leveraging AWS APIs for Amazon Connect Cloud Contact Center solution
Balancing the former focus and contact centre pivot
The importance of a call centre in lean times
Migrating call centres of airlines and banks within 30 days
Change management and the Local Measure solution
Leveraging AI/ML for additional customer efficiencies
Shaving seconds off calls equate to huge savings
Leveraging AI/ML to turbocharge agents
Additional industries for the Local Measure solution
Transforming data for tangible benefit
Proactive, predictive and outbound engagements
Guidance for other Software Executives going through disruption
What’s next for Local Measure
Interview wrap up

Listen as Kyle Redding of AWS talks to Jonathan Barouch about that journey of navigating through a major disruption.

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April 19, 2023

Jonathan Barouch

Founder & CEO

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