For most sales teams, the CRM platform is their source of truth for all customer related information: the accounts they are working on, contacts they are communicating with, the opportunities in the pipeline, and the history of the customer journey.

The integrations offered by a CRM are critical in being able to develop a single source of truth, and avoid data being siloed within an organization. Ideally the integrations with your CRM will be inbound, meaning that data collected through other platforms is brought into your CRM rather than just the other way around.

Local Measure recently announced its new app on the Salesforce AppExchange. The integration means that users of Salesforce can now gain access to Local Measure’s insights and capabilities. The integration makes use of the latest “Lightning Components”, the building blocks for Salesforce apps. These global components form an elegant, streamlined user interface that bring Local Measure’s functionality in line with the Salesforce dashboard.

Understanding the on-site customer journey

When you can combine location-based insights with your CRM, teams can better optimize the customer journey because they suddenly have greater context around customers’ interactions. Through the Local Measure app you can:

View dwell time

  • See the duration a customer spends in your venue. Get insights on the most popular zones and where to improve operations and optimize product offerings.

Track venue entrance/exits

  • Know when a high value customer arrives at your venue. Compare footfall, find out where barriers exist, optimize venue layout and create staff efficiencies.

Power marketing automation

  • Send targeted communications through multiple channels using unique customer insights. Nurture prospects and customers with personalized content that educates and delights while driving revenue and loyalty.
“We are happy to welcome Local Measure onto the AppExchange, as they provide customers with exciting new ways to create richer, personalized customer experiences within the hospitality, tourism and retail sectors.”Mike Wolff, SVP, ISV Sales, Salesforce

How it works

Local Measure connects with venue wireless products to offer an opt-in social splash screen for customers to sign onto venue Wi-Fi. Once installed, the sign-on data along with the customer profile integrates directly into the customer or lead contact on Salesforce.

The app also provides the opportunity for staff to engage with customers through their social media accounts. The dashboard provides real-time social data as well as reporting around customer visits, social networks, loyalty as well as a history of customer interactions with the business.

Learn more about Local Measure’s new app on the Salesforce AppExchange and how you can connect in-venue experiences with your digital customer record, creating potential for richer, personalized customer experiences.