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The Best Hospitality Safety Initiatives In The Face Of Coronavirus

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Hospitality and tourism take a huge hit in a global crisis like COVID-19. People stop travelling. People stop spending. But as was proved with SARS, the industry will bounce back.

Hospitality is all about taking care of people. And now, more than ever, you must show how much you care.

What actions can you take now to build a better customer experience strategy for the future?

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best COVID-19 guest experience initiatives we’ve seen so far from our range of clients worldwide - hotels, entertainment venues, theme parks and retail locations. 

Establish contactless sanitiser stations

Make hygiene convenient and anti-bacterial supplies accessible for everyone.

Increase in-room dining options

People are anxious and opting to self-isolate. Provide your guests with more variety so that their in-room guest experience isn’t only limited to the club sandwich.

Implement a ‘no handshake’ policy

Train your concierge and front of house staff to meet and greet visitors in a new way. It may seem impersonal at first, but once your guests understand the intention, they’ll be very grateful for the action. 

Establish an isolation area

Create a safe and secure area on the premises, stocked with face masks and other supplies for anyone who becomes ill. Let staff and guests know that this area is available for their use and follow correct protocol immediately when an illness is reported. 

Reassure guests before they arrive

Guest communication is critical. Boost your pre-stay guest communication with understanding and compassion. Reassure your imminent guests with all the precautions you’re taking to make their stay a safe one. 

Increase your in-stay communication 

The guest experience has changed. Provide convenient customer service and communication channels, accessible from the comfort of their room. Check in with them regularly, request guest feedback often, provide access to reliable information and show you care. 

Avoid overcrowding

Stagger check-in times and if events are still taking place on the premises, stagger registration times so that overcrowding doesn’t become a concern. Spread the tables in your restaurant further apart to make your guests feel more comfortable. 

Be flexible

Don’t give your guests a reason to be dissatisfied before they’ve even arrived. A global crisis like COVID-19 will make people change their plans at the last minute. Show compassion and delight them with a waived cancellation fee or a credit note for another time.

Remember, your job is to take care of your guests and create a memorable guest experience. The more you do this now, the more likely they’ll come back when the crisis is over.

Local Measure believes in a world where every customer experience is exceptional. For more information on how Local Measure can help enhance your guest experience in today's virtual world, click here.

November 18, 2021

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