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Local Measure Makes Snap Map Content Larger Than Life with Cisco Vision

Announcing Local Measure’s partnership with Snap

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With over 238 million daily active users, Snapchat is one of the world's most popular social messaging apps. In addition to multimedia messaging, its Snap Map feature allows users to map content to a geo-location. Through Local Measure's integration with Snap, retailers, hospitality businesses and sports teams can promote Snap Map content to build connections and drive customer engagement with on-premise consumers.

The integration between Snap and Local Measure is one of the first partnerships of its kind. The integration will allow brands to:

  • augment their digital presence on-premise with publicly shared Snaps made viewable on Cisco Vision screens
  • engage customers during visit and encourage them to share their experiences on Snap
  • generate word of mouth by amplifying social stories and user-generated content
"The combination of Cisco Vision with Local Measure and Snap, is one of the most exciting integrations for retail this year." [ Bryan Bedford, Cisco ]

The new partnership is also a great example of how Cisco is finding new ways to deliver business outcomes to their clients by partnering with customer-centric software and services. Brands have recognized Snap as a popular platform for sharing and consuming social content, while Cisco provides the infrastructure and technological capabilities required to deliver digital experiences through Cisco Vision, an end-to-end dynamic signage solution. Through Local Measure, clients can now marry the services of Snap and Cisco by sharing location-specific content and engaging customers in-venue.

Cisco Vision screen showing Snap content at National Retail Federation Show, 2019

"Local Measure makes it easy for businesses to communicate directly with their customers," said Bryan Bedford, Global Industry Partner Lead, Sports, Retail & Media, Cisco. "Combining social content with location intelligence, and displaying that on Cisco Vision screens, gives businesses an easy way to share the customer experience while creating opportunities for engagement. The combination of Cisco Vision with Local Measure and Snap, is one of the most exciting integrations for retail this year."

Visual-based technology is crucial now when it comes to communicating your brand. Customers not only want to see what you have on offer, they want to see other customers using it, wearing it, and engaging with it in all different contexts. User-generated content is considered the best way to humanize your brand. We are very proud to form this new partnership that’s helping businesses drive customer engagement in a more relevant and personal way.

Local Measure is a customer experience platform specializing in customer engagement for retail, tourism and hotels. Learn more here.

November 18, 2021

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