Engage for Amazon Connect

Simplify your customer and agent experience

Purpose-built for Amazon Connect, Engage for Amazon Connect is an omnichannel agent desktop for contact centers to manage inbound customer calls and direct messages across WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WeChat, email, web chat and SMS via a single inbox.

As an APN Select Technology Partner, Local Measure brings additional omnichannel messaging capabilities to Amazon Connect to simplify contact center operations and increase agent productivity.

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Offer omnichannel service to improve customer experience

Expand your contact center channels beyond voice
Include messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter and WeChat, as well as email, SMS and web chat all via Engage for Amazon Connect.

Deliver convenient customer service
Offer your customers the convenience to engage with your business 24/7 using lower cost digital channels.

Link to your own CRM or knowledge base

With Amazon Connect skills-based routing and analytics, give agents the right information at the right time to personalize customer conversations.

Keep things simple for agents while increasing productivity

Enable your agents to save time and work smarter
Use a single inbox to respond to customer queries across multiple channels - voice, social media, mobile messaging apps, email, web chat and SMS. 

Streamline email communications
Integrate your email so agents can accept, send and reference all previous customer correspondence using the Engage for Amazon Connect inbox.

Accelerate customer response times

Agents can handle up to five customer conversations at any one time and use automated response snippets to help reduce average handling times.

Streamline your contact center operations

Reduce the cost-to-serve
Deflect calls to lower-cost channels with a digital-first customer service approach.

Unify voice and digital service channels into a single platform
Simplify your contact center and improve efficiency, with single agent sign-on into Engage for Amazon Connect.

Ensure business continuity in times of crisis
Keep your business running smoothly by enabling agents to work remotely using cloud-based contact center solutions.

"Local Measure has demonstrated a very impressive agility and capability. Local Measure delivered on time, at a very reasonable rate and with excellent quality. The team at Bauer have mentioned that the training session was the best they have attended. The Local Measure team were very knowledgeable and engaging (and more importantly turned a boring session into a fun one)."

Maj Jebril
Bauer Media
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