The simplest way to increase customer satisfaction scores

Get real-time feedback from within your venue – and take action immediately.

“Pulse creates a culture of turning issues around – at pace.”

Know how a visitor’s experience is going – with just one quick question. Now you can fix any issues before they leave.

A single customer service complaint is heard by twice as many people as positive reviews for good service.1 With Pulse, you can prevent negative reviews before they happen and find more opportunities to turn passive visitors into promoters.

  • Unobtrusive to customers, so they’re happy to leave feedback.
  • Easy to scale. Implement it the same way as you grow.
  • Quick for staff to action – with option to set up customer auto-replies.
  • Insight-rich, thanks to feedback tracking and reporting.
  • Complete when integrated with any other data sources.
  • Enterprise-wide, so you can get group-wide trend and performance measurement.
1. Source: White House Office of Consumer Affairs
Eighty percent of guests who interact with us on Pulse rate their stay more positively in the post-stay survey.”
Source: Forrester Total Economic Impact Study on Local Measure Pulse, 2019

Pulse helps turn critics and passive customers into loyal customers

Visitors login to Wi-Fi or scan QR code
As soon as they connect, each visitor is asked to leave feedback.

Find out early on in the customer journey how things are going.
Pulse appears automatically
A rating screen allows visitors to give a quick review – to just you.

Stop issues in their tracks, and find opportunities to delight.
Your front-line team responds
When feedback is received your team have option to auto-respond.

Follow up with meaningful action where required.
Visitors leave satisfied
Speedy responses and resolutions mean visitors enjoy better experiences.

 Visitors are more likely to return and leave positive reviews.

Pulse real-time feedback vs customer surveys

  • Real-time feedback is received immediately.
  • Pulse responses are easy to action and reply to with auto-reply.
  • Pulse is unobtrusive – a single question to answer.
  • Pulse puts the customer experience in the hands of front-line teams.
  • Feedback integrates with a customer relationship management system.
  • Customer feedback surveys (also voice of customer surveys) are sent out after the customer has left.
  • Feedback is received too late to change the experience for the individual customer.
  • Surveys are made up of multiple questions (and tend to have a high dropout rate).

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based on a study by Forrester Consulting.

Improve customer experiences – and reviews.

Start by seeing how Pulse works.

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