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Local Measure helps you turn data into personalized guest experiences that increase revenue and save you time.

Leading hotel operations and marketing teams
use Local Measure to:

Prevent negative reviews and experiences

Local Measure stops bad reviews before they happen

  • 86% of people will hesitate to purchase from a business with negative online reviews
  • Receive real-time alerts about guests on your property posting negative sentiments
  • Facilitate staff collaboration to address issues before guests check out

Scale personalized guest experiences

Local Measure triggers and amplifies great guest moments

  • 40% of guests are more likely to return when directly engaged during their stay
  • Leverage centralized data and artificial intelligence to promote positive experiences
  • Drive cost-effective marketing and repeat visits with user-generated content

Maximize insight and reduce OTA threats

Local Measure builds robust guest profiles and preferences

  • 74% of hotel guests are receptive to customized offers and loyalty programs
  • Access real-time, on-site guest data to foster loyalty and generate direct bookings
  • Deliver comprehensive booking-to-stay experiences to grow guest insight and retention
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