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Local Measure Launches Partner Ascent Club

Introducing our Reseller Partner Accreditation Program

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Today we are announcing our new Reseller Partner Accreditation Program, Ascent Club. The program is for resellers of Amazon Connect who are interested in Local Measure’s omnichannel agent desktop, Engage for Amazon Connect. The Ascent Club provides a framework for the resources and benefits we can offer in an established partnership.

Local Measure has been working with AWS Reseller Partners across the globe and we thought it was time to launch a program that would communicate the partner benefits at each stage of the journey.

The Ascent Club has three defined tiers: Foundation, Crest and Summit. The Foundation tier represents an entry-level partnership and recognizes a basic level of product knowledge the partner has developed and a level of Go-To-Market readiness. The requirements for this tier can be easily accomplished and provide the partner with a broadened range of solutions to meet customers’ contact center requirements.

The Crest tier is achieved through joint commercial success and requires a higher level of commitment towards obtaining joint opportunities. At this stage, partner margin increases are introduced as is investment in GTM marketing and sales motions.

The Summit tier is our highest level of partner accreditation and acknowledges a continued commitment towards working together on commercial opportunities – and a clear track record of success. Benefits for this tier included increased margins as well as marketing and PR investment.

In addition to a Partner Playbook that outlines the tiers in specific detail, we have also just launched a new Partner Resource Center to further enable onboarding, technical troubleshooting and provide a home for sales and marketing resources. Existing partners will receive login details from a Partner Manager and can access the Resource Center from our website.

You can learn more about how to become a Local Measure Reseller Partner by visiting our Partners webpage or by emailing us at

April 21, 2021

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