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Why It's Time To Use Instagram As A Customer Service Channel

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As consumers' time on social networks grows, they want to connect with companies using social media channels. Businesses that don't adopt social media as part of their customer experience strategy risk alienating their customers. Social media not only allows businesses to connect with customers and create brand loyalty but also to improve customer service

According to a study by McKinsey & Company, customers who have their questions answered by businesses on social media spend 20 to 40 percent more with the company.

This article examines how Instagram can deliver an exceptional customer experience and how you can quickly implement it as a customer service channel for your business.

Why is Instagram So Powerful?

Instagram was the most downloaded app in Q4 2021, with nearly 180M downloads (Sensor Tower), with the average monthly visits at 2.9Bn (Hootsuite); Instagram is hard to ignore.

But, if you think Instagram is just for posting selfies and food, think again. 44% of users use Instagram to shop weekly. (Instagram Business) and 66% of customers use an average of 3 communication channels to connect with customer service. (Microsoft), the chances are that they want to use Instagram.

How to Implement Instagram DM's as a Customer Service Channel in your Contact Center

Easily improve your brand perception by offering your customers the ability to contact you via Instagram Direct Message because with 2.9Bn visits a month, the chances are they are waiting for you to catch up.

Local Measure now offers Instagram Direct Messages  as a customer communication channel with its contact center platform Engage.

If you already have an instagram account for your business and are advertising or selling products on Instagram, then it makes sense that your customers will want to talk to you on the same platform. And because your customers are already using it, it requires little effort on their part; hence they will feel more positive towards your brand for making it easy for them to contact you.

What does the Engage Instagram DM integration support?

  • One-to-one messaging
  • incoming image attachments
  • Stories
  • Replies, Receive GIFs
  • Receive Stickers
  • Send and receive Emojis.
  • User-deleted messages
  • Easy to connect to Engage using your Facebook account (OAuth)

If your customers already use Facebook, 78.1% of them also use Instagram. So it's time to make life even easier for them by adding Instagram DMs as a channel in Engage. It's easy to set up and only takes 2 minutes. Your agents won't notice the difference, but your customers and bottom line will.

Benefits of Using Instagram DMs in Engage Cloud Contact Center Platform

For Your Customers

Customers want to communicate with businesses using a channel that is convenient to them, not what is convenient to you.

Not only can your customers like and share your content and buy your products, but now they can continue their journey with your brand without leaving Instagram.  In addition, customers can reduce the effort required to solve their issues via a channel where they are already spending time.

For Your Agents

Agents want to solve customers' issues quickly no matter how they choose to contact your organization.

Your agents can now seamlessly interact with customers contacting your business via Instagram DM's. In addition, now your agents can view all Instagram DMs just as they would any other channel without needing extra training.

For Your Business

Reduce the cost of serving your customers by deflecting them to a digital channel.

More easily attract a new audience by adding Instagram to your digital CX strategy. Now allow your customers to view, shop, share and engage with your business via Instagram. Serving customers through a digital channel such as Instagram DM instead of via the phone reduces the cost to your business.

Book a Demo today to find out how you can use Instagram Direct Messages to deliver exceptional customer service - because your customers are waiting for you!

August 24, 2022

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