The Good Meal Co. Benefits from Increased Customer Loyalty and Engagement

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The Good Meal Co partnered with Local Measure to modernize their cloud infrastructure and improve contact center operations by seamlessly integrating pre-built contact center platform, Engage with Amazon Connect. Read on to find out how this led to increased job satisfaction, improved performance, better analytics, and improved efficiency in managing customer inquiries.

About Good Meal Co 

The Good Meal Co, a subsidiary of SPC, a prominent Australian Agribusiness, has established itself as a leading brand in the frozen meals and food industry. With a strong focus on improving the quality of life for older adults and individuals with disabilities, Good Meal Co has positioned itself as an expert in providing high-quality frozen meals to customers who receive NDIS* and Home Care Package** subsidies. The acquisition of Good Meal Co by SPC three years ago marked a significant milestone in its transformation into a prominent direct-to-consumer provider.

The Challenge

The Good Meal Co caters to a wide range of customers, including elderly individuals and people with disabilities who may encounter difficulties when placing orders online. As a result, 40% of orders are received through the website, while 60% are received via phone. To ensure an exceptional customer experience, GoodMealCo is dedicated to facilitating order placement through the most convenient channel for each customer.

The contact center posed a significant challenge for the company as it handled the majority of sales. The high volume of calls and limited customer self-service options created a bottleneck in operations. Additionally, the infrastructure provided by the previous legacy telephony provider hindered the collection and analysis of customer data, further exacerbating the problem. As a result, The Good Meal Co. faced difficulties in identifying and resolving the underlying challenges they were experiencing.

As the contact center team’s productivity was hindered by manual work, extensive paperwork, and administrative tasks, they needed to maximize their chosen platform's potential to effectively scale up their operations. They knew the ideal platform must be scalable, offer force multiplier capabilities, and enable more efficient workflows. Once the core issues were identified, they quickly recognized the need to modernize their infrastructure and began exploring cloud providers.

Local Measure Solution 

After reviewing several options, the team chose the AWS ecosystem, primarily due to the flexibility and scalability of Amazon Connect. Needing an out-of-the-box solution, the team approached Local Measure directly as they already knew of their pre-built contact center platform for Amazon Connect, Engage.

Completing the project quickly was of utmost importance to The Good Meal Co., and they were highly impressed with Local Measure's ability to meet their requirements. During the scoping exercise, the team achieved most of their desired outcomes right from the start. The implementation process proceeded smoothly, and the team was able to map out the entire business process flow. They even visited The Good Meal Co's offices to collaborate on various aspects, including technical development and training. The agents were provided with a comprehensive step-by-step guide, and the entire training process was seamless and well-received. 

Before the training from Local Measure, The team at The Good Meal Co. conducted a demo of Engage to generate excitement about the upcoming changes. The agents were assured that these changes would make their lives easier, and they were enthusiastic and ready to embrace the training. The team was assured that even if these issues couldn't be resolved immediately, the AWS stack had the potential to solve them in the future, providing a roadmap and the appetite for continual improvement.

The end-to-end project, from customer acceptance and migration all the way through to taking their first production phone call, took a mere five weeks.

“The agents at Good Meal Co, have experience working in community spaces and centers, as well as possessing empathy and patience as some customers may need to repeat themselves multiple times. It is essential to have staff who understand this and are willing to assist. Local Measure’s welcoming and understanding approach towards the team was highly appreciated.” - Hani Rifai, The Good Meal Co.

Contact Center Results

Agents have reported increased job satisfaction and improved performance since adopting Engage and Amazon Connect. They can now easily access past customer interactions in real-time and gain a better understanding of customer history, which allows them to provide more personalized service. As a result, they have built stronger relationships with customers, especially those who simply want to have a conversation and connect with someone.

The platform also provides better analytics, which enables supervisors to pinpoint areas of improvement. They can analyze metrics such as abandoned calls, average wait time, call duration, and after-call work time, which allows them to make continuous adjustments and optimize operations. They can also track resolution codes to understand how customer inquiries are being resolved. These improvements provide a clearer picture of the customer experience.

In addition, Engage for Amazon Connect has provided performance benefits such as faster deployment times for prompt updates. Previously, changing prompts required manual recording, which was time-consuming and often resulted in poor audio quality. With Amazon Connect, supervisors can easily update and publish prompts across all channels. The time it takes to make these changes is significantly reduced. 

Overall, agents have been able to handle more calls, which is a positive outcome. However, it is still crucial for them to balance being empathetic and focused on sales. The ultimate goal is to build customer loyalty and satisfaction rather than quickly ending calls.

Future Innovation 

At present, The Good Meal Co has successfully implemented voice and chatbot capabilities for their work-from-home setup. They are currently in the process of integrating chat and Facebook Messenger, which presents a significant opportunity for them as a substantial number of communications are received through Facebook, where their target demographic is highly active. However, efficiently managing and tracking this channel separately from the contact center can take time and effort. Therefore, it is crucial to implement a solution that consolidates these contacts in one centralized platform.

“Looking forward, I believe that GenAI has great potential, particularly from an agent's perspective. The ability to summarize notes and suggest next actions based on generalized information will save a lot of time. This type of productivity tool will be incredibly valuable, with numerous regulatory documents and procedures to navigate. I really appreciate the low-risk, high-reward value that Local Measure provides with GenAi.” - Hani Rifai, The Good Meal Co.

*The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a program the Australian government runs to fund people with disabilities for their specific needs. 

**A home care package is where a home care provider receives funding from the government. 

As a service provider for both of these subsidies, Good Meal Co doesn't bill the customer directly. The customer pays a minimal upfront payment, such as five dollars for 20 meals.

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