How to Deliver Best in Class Customer Experience and Save Costs with Amazon Connect

In order to drive customer retention it is vital that businesses deliver exceptional omnichannel customer experiences.

Given the current economic climate, it can be difficult to take on new initiatives, however, did you know that investing in your contact center could actually not only increase customer retention, but also drive cost efficiencies in a matter of weeks? 

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Webinar Overview

Join Jonathan Barouch, CEO and Founder of Local Measure and Ryan Peterson, WW Head of CXE Sales & GTM of Amazon Web Services as they discuss:

  • Common Customer Experience challenges faced by businesses
  • How the global landscape has changed over the last 6-12 months
  • Insights on how businesses can continue to innovate and improve customer experience in the future
  • How automation can help you do more with less
  • Use cases where Local Measure and Amazon Connect have helped businesses improve customer experiences and save costs
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Did You Know That To Deliver Exceptional CX AND Cost Efficiencies Businesses Need To....

Overcome Data Silos

38% of customer-focused organizations want to create a single customer database across departments and multiple locations to improve their CX efforts.

Communicate on the Customer’s Terms

85% of customers prefer asynchronous communication over other digital touch-points, with 40% opting for chat messages and social media.

Elevate the Employee Experience

Agents today want more flexibility in their roles and working hours. Only 18% of contact center agents prefer traditional work hours and 49% prefer flexible hours

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