Putting Customers First: Generative AI for Contact Centers

As customer expectations evolve, contact centers are looking at how technology can improve the service experience while also relieving operational burdens.

In this free ebook, discover how integrating generative AI with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Engage by Local Measure can benefit contact center operations, from the agent experience to cost efficiency.

The growth of generative AI to improve the customer experience and boost contact center productivity

Supercharge your Customer Experience with Generative AI

As contact centers contemplate the adoption of generative AI, they want proven benefits and clearer cost assessments before diving in. The good news is that generative AI is showcasing undeniable potential advantages; with studies showing a potential 50% increase in agent productivity once implemented at scale. This makes the message increasingly clear: moving swiftly with generative AI is essential for businesses to stay competitive.

To learn more, download our ebook produced in conjunction with Amazon Web Services and Local Measure.

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Elevate the Customer Experience

62% of agents agree that AI/automation tools help them understand their customers better.

Utilizing Generative AI for Boosted Productivity

45% improvement in productivity cost as a result of applying generative AI to customer care.

Meeting Customer Expectations

80% of customers want quicker responses from companies on the channels of their choice.

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