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Discovering the Potential of Utilities to Maximise Contact Center Productivity

Local Measure launches Utilities with two key functionalities added to Engage for Amazon Connect.

Local Measure launches Utilities functionality for Engage

Efficient workflow is essential for any contact center to provide excellent customer service and achieve business goals. By optimizing your contact center's workflow, you can streamline processes, reduce wait times, and increase agent productivity.

Introducing Utilities in Engage for Amazon Connect.

Local Measure is pleased to announce the launch of Utilities for our award-winning contact center platform Engage for Amazon Connect. Utilities is a new customizable concept designed to bring more flexibility to the platform.

Frequently, contact center agents must use numerous applications to troubleshoot customer issues. However, switching back and forth between these applications can be a complex and time-consuming process. Engage Utilities streamlines customer interactions, allowing admins to configure functionality for agents where and when needed. This enables contact center agents to access information and tools they need in one place. As Utilities is a ‘no code’ solution, it is also easy to get up and running, no technical assistance required. At launch there are currently two types of Utilities in Engage: iFrames and Tasks.

Tasks: The Same Great Functionality Configured with the Flexibility of Utilities

Tasks are a type of Utility in Engage that give agents the ability to create follow-up tasks efficiently while on a contact. This Utility can be configured based on the relevant workflow and gives admins greater control over when and where tasks appear to agents. Agents who have previously used Tasks within Engage will find that the functionality remains unchanged with the introduction of Utilities.

iFrames: Easily Embed 3rd Party Applications

iFrames enable third-party applications to be displayed within the Engage platform reducing the need for agents to switch between multiple programs. This allows agents to read, write, or update data within the third-party application, based on their permission levels. An example of potential iFrames functionality is a third-party booking application displayed in the side panel, enabling agents to book an appointment for the customer without navigating away from the contact.

The Hidden Cost of Application Toggling

Contact center agents often have to use multiple systems and applications to resolve customer queries. This requires them to leave their agent desktop, consequently, the conversation with the customer to resolve their query. Research shows that over the course of an average day, a single employee would toggle between apps and windows nearly 1200 times with the cost of a switch being a little over two seconds. That means that people spent just under four hours a week reorienting themselves after toggling to a new application. Over the course of a year, this adds up to five working weeks, or 9% of annual time at work.

The result is that agents are expected to constantly refocus, and their attention spans are fragmented, depleting them of energy. This inevitably leads to a longer call duration and frustrated customers.  

What are the Benefits of Using Engage Utilities in your contact center?

Engage Utilities are designed to improve productivity and optimize agent workflow. Admins can configure functionality and determine where and when it is available to agents via workflows. Utilities can be configured to appear in either the main or side panel in Engage and can be made visible to agents during a contact, after-call work, or both.

Benefits for Your Agents 

Enhancing agent productivity through 3rd party app integration

With Engage Utilities, agents can easily access the applications and data they need which allows for additional tasks and actions to be completed while remaining on the contact screen. This reduces the time spent searching for information agents need to resolve customer issues and leads to more productive interactions.

Benefits for Your Customers

Faster issue resolution for a better customer experience

When customers reach out to a contact center, they expect agents to have the information and resources at hand to resolve their issues. Engage Utilities streamline customer interactions, resulting in faster issue resolution. This, in turn, delivers a better customer experience.

Benefits for Your Business

Effectively utilize key programs to streamline customer interaction

Engage Utilities enable businesses to maximize the value they are getting from their existing tools and platforms. Integrating key programs and applications into the Engage platform increases productivity and reduces the time it takes to resolve customer issues. Businesses can expect more effective customer interactions, shorter call times, and higher customer satisfaction.

In Summary  

Engage Utilities is a flexible and customizable component that can be configured by contact center admins to contain various functionalities. It can be positioned in different locations across the Engage platform and activated in multiple ways depending on an agent's actions. Utilities simplify the process for agents to access the information they need, streamlining customer interactions, delivering a better customer experience.

Although the innovative Utilities feature is launching with iFrames and Tasks, it's worth noting that Local Measure still has plenty of exciting developments in the pipeline that will continue to enhance workflow optimization and boost productivity. This is just the beginning of what promises to be a game-changing suite of tools for contact centers.

To find out more about the potential of Engage Utilities functionality and it can work for your business, book in a demo today.

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July 4, 2023

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