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Local Measure Launches Agent Smart Tools powered by Amazon Bedrock Generative AI

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Many business leaders worldwide are always searching for innovative ways to improve their customer service standards. Generative AI is changing the way we perceive customer service. But how does it help contact center agents provide exceptional customer service? 

Local Measure, an AWS Partner, has integrated Amazon Bedrock Generative AI into its Engage contact center platform. Find out how this integration can be utilized right now to enhance customer experience, improve agent support, and ultimately revolutionize the way businesses deliver customer service.

Local Measure and Generative AI

At Local Measure, we prioritize security, privacy, and innovation. As a result, we have thoughtfully incorporated generative AI into our Engage contact center platform to deliver improved productivity and cost savings while ensuring customer peace of mind. 

To begin with, we will use generative AI only to assist contact center agents in delivering a best-in-class and seamless customer experience. 

Smart Tools - Using Amazon Bedrock to Assist Contact Center Agents 

Smart Tools, developed by Local Measure, are a thoughtful addition to our Engage platform, aimed at simplifying the daily tasks of contact center agents. Using Generative AI, these tools efficiently tackle repetitive and time-consuming tasks, significantly reducing Average Handle Times (AHT) and enhancing Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores. By integrating Smart Tools into Engage, we're focused on making contact resolution and after-call work quicker and more straightforward. The essence of Smart Tools lies in their ability to streamline processes, ensuring accuracy and efficiency while also reducing operational costs, all in a user-friendly way.

Local Measure has launched three Smart Tools that are available now and included in our customers’ subscription tiers. 

Smart Composer

Smart Composer can help agents review the content within an Agent’s message, correcting any spelling and grammar mistakes, and shorten or lengthen their message. By using Smart Composer, agents can ensure that their communication with customers is professional and effective, which is crucial for handling customer queries successfully and particularly useful for Agents who may not be fluent in a language. This saves agents time and helps them provide a better customer experience.

Smart Notes

Smart Notes optimizes agents' time. For example, in After Call Work, by using a foundational model within Amazon Bedrock to summarise the transcript of a contact. In addition to significantly reducing the duration of After Call Work, Smart Notes enhances agents' efficiency by streamlining workflow, ensuring that agents can focus their time and energy on resolving customer issues promptly and effectively.

Smart Tasks

Smart Tasks automate the process of filling in Tasks (forms) by extracting the required information from contact transcripts and pre-filling Task fields. This can save a significant amount of an agent's time, as they no longer have to hand-write notes to type up later or manually search for the information needed to complete the task.

This is only the beginning of Local Measure’s GenAI-infused Smart Tools, with more to come over the following weeks and months, which present multiple benefits to businesses. 

  • Time-Saving

Saving time spent on manual, repetitive tasks by automating and streamlining workflows allows agents to focus on more important, high-value tasks.

  • Increased Accuracy

By improving accuracy, errors can be minimized, leading to a reduction in costly rework and an enhancement of overall operational efficiency.

  • Reduced Costs

By saving agent time on repetitive tasks and post-call work, businesses can significantly reduce costs and redirect resources to more complex issues.

Using Smart Tools in Engage

We offer a BYO-AI model, enabling you to utilise your own Bedrock instance in tandem with Engage Smart Tools. We understand that data security and privacy are of utmost importance to you. That’s why your data, including PII, is always within your control, within your own environment, and you can be assured that it will not be used to improve base models or shared with third-party model providers.

What is Generative AI

Generative AI is a sub-field of artificial intelligence that focuses on developing machines that can mimic human-like behavior. Similar to the way an artist can create a new piece of art, generative AI can produce various forms of content, such as songs, paintings, or articles. It achieves this through pattern recognition, which analyzes data and learns how to generate original content based on those patterns.

What is Amazon Bedrock? 

Amazon Bedrock is a service that provides a choice of foundation models (FMs) from top AI companies in one place. Amazon Bedrock, enables businesses to easily build generative AI applications that are secure, private, and responsible. Amazon Bedrock is serverless, so there is no need to manage any infrastructure, and you can securely integrate and deploy generative AI capabilities into your applications using the AWS services you already know.

If you want to start increasing agent productivity and reducing operating costs of your contact center, book a demo today to see how Local Measure can help!

December 8, 2023

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