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Enhancing Contact Center Collaboration For Better CX

Local Measure has added Microsoft Teams Presence functionality to its award-winning contact center platform.

Local Measure launches Microsoft Teams integration for Engage

Local Measure is excited to announce the launch of Microsoft Teams functionality for the Engage platform, to deliver streamlined collaboration within a business and allow agents to easily get the information they need to increase contact resolution. With improved efficiency and faster resolutions, contact centers can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty while reducing operating costs. This integration is the smart choice for businesses looking to optimize their contact center operations and deliver world-class customer experiences.

Microsoft Teams, the collaboration channel of choice

According to market research, Microsoft Teams had 280 million active monthly users in 2022 and more than one million companies worldwide are using the platform. With third-party apps on Teams increasing nearly 40% YoY and the number of Teams Rooms active devices going up by 70% YoY, it is clear that the platform is becoming an increasingly important tool for businesses looking to streamline their collaboration and communication.  

Benefits of using Microsoft Teams and Engage for Amazon Connect for your cloud contact center

With the new Microsoft Teams Integration, agents can easily see the status of all users in their Microsoft Teams organization, understand who is available to help them, and start a chat with any Microsoft Teams user by clicking through from Engage directly into a chat within Microsoft Teams. If a phone number is set up within a Microsoft account, agents can also initiate calls to Teams users directly within Engage. This integration streamlines communication and increases collaboration between agents and the wider business.  

Benefits for Customers

Streamlined contact resolution to deliver a superior customer experience

Customers don’t expect agents to know everything, but they do expect them to have access to the information and resources they need to resolve their issues. Faster issue resolution is critical to delivering a better customer experience, and this integration delivers just that. With everything in one place, agents can easily see who is available in MS Teams via the Engage address book and collaborate in real-time to resolve issues, leading to quicker resolutions and happier, more satisfied customers.  

Benefits for Businesses

Reducing operational complexity and boosting customer satisfaction

Microsoft Teams integration ensures the right people are helping agents to solve customer queries when they are available in Teams. This allows businesses to:

  • Maximize the value they are getting from their existing tools and platforms
  • Boost productivity, collaboration and inter-departmental communication
  • increase customer satisfaction and loyalty through faster issue resolution
  • Improve overall operational efficiency and cost effectiveness  

Benefits for Agents

Agent collaboration made simple with Microsoft Teams

The integration simplifies collaboration within the contact center as agents frequently seek the expertise of others when dealing with customer enquiries. Microsoft Teams integration greatly streamlines this process as agents can see if colleagues are online and available through Teams, before consulting, transferring or adding them to a call. This enables more successful cooperation between agents and helps to increase contact resolution and customer satisfaction. Agents can reduce wasted time toggling between tabs, increase productivity and provide a more efficient experience.

In Summary

The Local Measure Engage Microsoft Teams Integration enables contact center agents to streamline communication and collaborate more effectively with their colleagues. With this new integration, agents can now easily connect their Microsoft account to Engage and enjoy real-time visibility of all users in their Microsoft Teams organization. With Microsoft Teams being the collaboration channel of choice for millions of users worldwide, this integration is a game-changer for businesses looking to improve their customer service operations.

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You can download and install the Engage by Local Measure application from the Azure Marketplace.

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May 29, 2023

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